Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UFO COVERUP: Maury Island Mystery Was Far From Hoax

Maury Island Hoax Designation Goes Against All Known Facts

The mysterious incident took place shortly after June 21, 1947. Seaman Harold Dahl, out scavenging for drifting logs, saw six UFOs near Maury Island a peninsula of Vashon Island in Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington. Maury Island is located directly across a narrow section of Puget Sound from Sea-Tac International Airport and Boeing Field. Dahl, his son Charles, an unnamed hand and a dog were on the boat.

Strange Airborne Objects Draw Attention Of Seafarers

Dahl reported seeing four, five or six doughnut-shaped objects flying in formation over the area where his boat was. He said he could see blue sky through the holes in the center of the discs and that there appeared to be port holes lining the inside of the ring.

One Of Flying Craft Appeared To Be In Distress

One of the craft appeared to be malfunctioning and another craft edged up to it, then retreated. At this point the troubled craft began ejecting objects through the inner port holes.

Expulsion Of Molten Metal Resulted In Injury Plus Death Of Pet

Material began hitting the boat and damaged the windshield, the wheel house and a light fixture and killed the dog on deck. He said his son was also slightly injured by falling debris. Dahl claimed to have taken a number of photographs of the UFOs and recovered some type of slag ejected from the craft that malfunctioned.

Witness Took Photographs Plus Retained Metal Pieces

Dahl also recovered samples of sheaves of lightweight white sheets of metal that fluttered like newspapers out from the inner ring of the troubled UFO to the ground.

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