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NASA DECEPTION: Supposed Moon Rock With Stage Prop Marking

Letter On Alleged Moon Rock Indicates Fakery

Why does this rock have a letter 'C' on it? There is also a 'C' on the ground in front of the rock. The use of the letter C on film props is well known by the people in Hollywood and is used to show where the center of the scene should be.

One Desperate Skeptic Sees Clear Letter As Hair

One skeptic on the Bad astronomy skeptics web group has even said it is a hair! On both the rock and ground? Now who is trying to cover things up?

NASA DECEPTION: Technology Lost Was Never Found

Distances Involved Simply Do Not Add Up At All

I receive several letters from Apollo believers on an almost daily basis telling me that I am completely wrong, however, consider this. The distance that Man allegedly had to travel to get to the Moon was the equivalent of 30 Earth diameters. Now compare that with the greatest distance that Man has travelled since then (in the Shuttle) which is 400 miles. That is the equivalent of just half an inch from the Earth compared to the distance travelled to the Moon.

Operation Paperclip Nazi NASA Originator Moon Book Eye Opener

Werner Von Braun said in his book 'Conquest To The Moon' (published in 1953) that it would be impossible to send anyone to the Moon because of the sheer size of craft needed to do the trip. In fact, taking Von Braun calculations into consideration, a spaceship that needed to travel that distance would have had to be 266 times bigger than the Saturn 5.

Lost Technology Was Technology NASA Never Possessed

Also consider the recent announcement from NASA that it would take scientists 15 years from now to design and build a craft to go back to the Moon. Why when we have allegedly been there six times already? John F Kennedy announced in 1962 that Man would travel to the Moon by the end of the decade. Just seven years later Man allegedly did just that.

Layers Of Lies Finally Catch Up With Corrupt NASA

But more than 35 years later in a world that is vastly technologically superior to the 1960s. Why would it take over twice as long to do the same thing today?

NASA DECEPTION: Transparency Filming Worse Than Laughable

Filming Of Earth Transparency Very Transparent

Did the astronots actually film a transparency of the Earth that was stuck to the window? You may think this odd, but a few minutes after filming the Earth, the cameraman adjusts his lens and focuses on Mike Collins inside the craft. What we see is what appears to be an exposure of the Earth taped to the window that is in the background to the right of him. That is the very same window that Aldrin was filming the Earth.

NASA Caught In More Outright Lies To All Citizens

But the biggest shock is yet to come! The camera pans left past Neil Armstrong towards the left hand side of the Apollo 11, and what do we see out of the left window??? We see what appears to be another Earth. It must also be noted that the Apollo 11 at this point of the mission was supposedly halfway to the Moon.

NASA Fabrication Exposed By Strict Time Frame

The time elapsed was 34 hours and 16 minutes, but from the view of Earth in the right hand window, we can say that in fact they were not in deep space at all, but still in low Earth orbit! Just look at the blue sky outside. That would also explain why they would be filming an exposure of the Earth that was far away, to give the impression that they were in deep space.

Better Hoax Expected With Funds NASA Has Pilfered For Decades

The exposure would be clipped to the window and the Sun's luminance would light it up, a technique that was used to read star charts to help with navigation and star reference.

FORGIVE ABSENCE OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE! It actually exists. Or, at least, it did!

NASA DECEPTION: Virgil Grissom Murder Victim Part 1

After almost having drown after the splashdown of the Mercury landing capsule "Liberty Bell 7" Virgil Grissom becomes more and more critical against his employer NASA and does not make many friends by this behavior. He becomes the member of the astronaut crew which is hated most.

At the same time there are several accidents with a pure oxygen atmosphere for reason:

September 9, 1962
San Antonio, Texas: Fire accident with pure oxygen atmosphere in a space cabin simulator at San Antonio in Texas. Two astronauts on the Brooks Air Force Base at San Antonio in Texas should live in a pure oxygen atmosphere for 14 days. There should be tested the effect of a long flight in a pure oxygen atmosphere. On the 13th day fire breaks out whereas one of the astronauts is heavily injured. Both passengers are collapsing by smoke poisoning.

November 17, 1962
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Fire accident in an oxygen laboratory of the "U.S." Navy because of an oxygen atmosphere. In an oxygen laboratory of the "US" navy in the Air Crew Equipment Laboratory (ACEL) at Philadelphia fire is breaking out during exchanging a bulb because the atmosphere has got much too much oxygen and during the exchange of the bulb a spark provokes the fire. The clothes of the four inmates of the oxygen laboratory catch fire. Despite of the flight within 40 seconds all are hurt.

Grissom about the Apollo space ship: "A bucket full of screws". Grissom means that the Apollo space ship is only "a heap of scrap", and he says it in public. According to the plan of the NASA astronaut Grissom shall be the commander of the "maiden flight" on February 21, 1967.

Later he is foreseen as the "first man on the moon" . But this honor makes no impression to Grissom because he means that the Apollo atmosphere ship would be worse than Gemini was. Grissom says in an interview even in public that Apollo would be not more than "a bucket full of screws." Grissom is annoying with his critics about Apollo. At every boarding he inspects the atmosphere ship and he finds always "something". He is "a lonely warner in the desert" since years.

Grissom is not the lonely warner. There is another one, Thomas Ronald Baron, safety inspector of "North American Aviation". Baron also reports constantly from flashy carelessness at the NASA Baron claims in 1966 the "stunning nuisances" at the launch pad again and again:

-- during fueling the rocket protection suits are missing so only a part of the crew can work the other crew members are sleeping or playing cards
-- workers are smoking near the fuel pipes
-- workers are organizing spontaneously parties with rubbing alcohol.

April 28, 1966
Torrance, California: Outbreak of a fire with a pure oxygen atmosphere during an Apollo test of the life keeping systems at Torrance. During a test run at Torrence at the Apollo life keeping systems which are working with pure oxygen fire is breaking out. [So, NASA is absolutely warned that a pure oxygen atmosphere can provoke a fire easily].

Mid 1966?
Threats of murder against Grissom? Since 1966  Grissom allegedly gets threats of murder. According to members of his family the threats of murder come from circles of the NASA itself, from persons who are responsible for the "space program". This goes that far that Grissom is put under surveillance some time [for his protection] and he is accommodated in special safe lodgings.

(In: American Patriot Friends Network: Was The Apollo Moon Landing Fake?; In August 2006 the threats of murder cannot be found any more on the website)

[Question: Why did Grissom not leave the Apollo project?
There is the big question why Grissom did not leave the Apollo project when he precisely sees that the Apollo atmosphere ship is unsuitable. Is more behind? Or Grissom mean that he could change the corrupt NASA structures? Or when he had refused to work he had got a prison sentence by NASA because the astronauts were under military order? Or were there threats of murder when he would quit? Or did Grissom want to be a "hero" despite of all? All speculations are possible...]

December 1966
Apollo does not function - nightmare Apollo. At the end of 1966 there are listed over 20,000 failures at Apollo 1. [But this is secret]. Experts consider Apollo as a "technical nightmare". According to Grissom the best engineers and the best "scientists" of the "USA" have invented a scrap heap with almost no budget limits. Every later Apollo mission of Apollo 2 to Apollo 10 has listed about 20,000 failures. [So the failure rate is not changing until Apollo 10, and since Apollo 11 all would have functioned smoothly...]


UFO COVERUP: German Antarctica Bases Truth Not Fiction

German Transport Vessels Get Wartime Job Done

Just before the end of World War II two German provision U-boats, U-530 and U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea. Reportedly they took with them members of the antigravity disc research and development teams ULTRA and the last of the most vital disc components. Much of this technology and hardware had been transported to the base during the course of the war.

Antarctica Bases Well Planned As Were Special Aerial Attack Craft

This included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or aerial disc designs and designs for the gigantic underground complexes and living accommodations based on the remarkable underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two U-boats duly reached the new land of Neu Schwabenland where they unloaded everything. When they arrived in Argentina several months later their crews were captured.

German Crews Preferred To Surrender In Argentina

It seems as if they were either counting on the formerly German friendly Argentineans to allow them access or it could have been that they intentionally allowed themselves to be discovered for misinformation purposes. Yes we are the last two renegade German subs. We have been trying to hold out but oops, you caught us the war is finally over!

Determined Americans Grilled Germans For Information

The crews of these U-Boats were of course interrogated by United States intelligence agents who had suspected the existence of the Antarctic base. Whatever the German soldiers tried to tell them, apparently the Americans were not convinced.

American Who Flew Into Hollow Earth Fares Poorly In Lost Battle

Considering the subsequent and ill fated USA Navy backed military actions against the German Last Battalion in Antarctica in later years under Admiral Richard Byrd who arrived at Antarctica with an entire military armada and provisions to last six month. The entire expedition lasted only eight weeks with only approximately three weeks of actual full scale Antarctic operations.

UFO COVERUP: German Antarctic Bases Remain Highly Classified

Illegal American Paperclip Hardcore Nazis Remain Active

Others claim that a large number of Antarcticans have infiltrated South America by way of Argentina and in turn North America where the German "UFO forces have reportedly established several underground bases. They are reportedly working with illegal Paperclip Nazis, members of various Bavarian fraternal cults and Anglo-American corporate fascicts in a plan to bring down America by creating a fascist revolution in the United States like the one that brought the Nazis to power in Germany. The concentration camps, thousands of train cars equipped with shackles and executive orders for the implementation of martial law are already in place.

Missing German Vessels Remain Unsettling Mystery Decades Later

More than 100 submarines of the German fleet are missing. Among those are many of the highly technological XXII class equipped with the so-called Walterschnorchel which is a special designed and coated schnorkel enabling submarines in combination with their new developed engines to dive for many thousand miles. A trip to the base without recognition becomes pretty possible with this technology. The United States Navy tries to destroy the German base which did not surrender at the end of war. The operation is a disaster. The base remains functional, at least in parts. More than one year after the surrendering of U 977 the USA Navy launches the biggest military operation in the Antarctic ice under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

Operation Highjump Overwhelming USA Military Disaster

This is Operation HIGHJUMP, including 13 ships, one aircraft carrier, two seaplane tenders, six two-engined R4D transports and 4,000 men. The only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the need for testing new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions. The force starts up at the established USA bases in the ROSS SEA, then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading toward the Northern Antarctic coast, NEUSCHWABENLAND and building up a bridgehead on January 27, 1947 somewhere west of it. Officially the expedition is a big success because it delivers many new facts of the use of military equipment under extreme conditions. What is the need of such a big task force in this area? If the expedition was such a success why did Byrd already return to the USA in February 1947?

American People Sold Worthless Bill Of Goods Once More

The operation was planned and equipped for a full six to eight month duration. Did this expedition carry atomic warheads as some highly placed unimpeachable sources contend? The entire expedition lasted some eight weeks as suggested earlier. Highly placed sources claim that the actual battle once Byrd forces had been divided into three main battle groups on the continent of Antarctica lasted only three weeks. Byrd flew in 1947 at least one time in a right-twisted circle across the whole territory NEUSCHWABENLAND heading from southwest over the RITSCHER HOCHLAND and the eastern areas to the Pole.

Byrd Statements Should Have Alerted Americans To Truth

On his return to the USA, Byrd reveals in an often quoted but nowhere validated interview with a reporter that it was necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions and that in case of a new war, the USA would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the next with incredible speed. This quote has been validated. Byrd has to face a secret cross-examination by USA authorities. The USA withdraws from the Antarctic for almost a decade. Another claim which has been made by certain investigators, although the original source is difficult to track down, was that upon returning to the States Admiral Byrd went into a rage before the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff and in an almost demanding tone, strongly suggested that Antarctica be turned into a thermonuclear test range.

Some 1940 UFO Sightings May Have Been German Flying Discs

Worldwide mass sightings of UFOs. In the late 1970s it becomes more and more obvious that many of these sightings are identical in some technical details with the HANEBU series. This can be stated especially for the so called George Adamski scout ships and motherships in the early 1950s which somehow look very terrestrial, nearly in fashion style of this decade and somehow very different from the rest of flat-bottomed crafts. The International Antarctic year with large civilian research projects starts. The result is the Antarctic treaty in which all participants agree to avoid any military operations in this region in future times. This treaty ended over a decade ago.

UFO COVERUP: German Flying Discs In Antarctica

Slave Labor Utilized For German Antarctica Construction

After all the data was gathered deep underground construction teams came pouring into the renamed Neu-Schwabenland. They came on cargo ships, military transport ships and submarines. The cargo ships coming from South Africa were protected by a host of killer-submarines and military ships. This might explain the intense German war efforts in North and South Africa. Any ship that even came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to Antarctica were destroyed by German U-boats to safeguard the secret.

Germans Played Same Nefarious Games As Allies

After all the goods were brought, the VIPs and scientists started to show up with a compliment of ULTRA, a highly specialized German SS team like the United States Majestic 12. ULTRA has always been in control of Antarctica. ULTRA is the name of a secret alien interface agency in the National Security Agency.

CIA-NSA-Alien True Axis Of Power Under Strictest Secrecy

Remember that the NSA has connections to both the German SS and the Dulce base. According to contactee Alex Collier, the upper level members of the NSA-ULTRA group are cloned replicates or have been so heavily implanted, virtual cyborgs, that they could be considered as being barely human -- automatons who are remotely controlled by the Greys group ego or group mind.

Far Too Many Coincidences Not To Be Truth

It is also noteworthy that ULTRA is also the name of the Above Top Secret CIA-NSA-Alien base under the Archuleta plateau and peak northeast of DULCE, New Mexico. This might also explain Valdamar Valerian insistence that early newspaper clippings just prior to the outbreak of World War II imply that Germans were all over New Mexico exploring caves and mines, buying up property and engaging in all sorts of mysterious activities.

New World Order May Be Headquartered In Antarctica

Could Antarctica be the real power behind the New World Order? If the German bases still exist in Antarctica then they would no doubt still have secret contact with the Bavarian cults which sponsored and were an integral part of the German party. Like the Bavarian THULE society for instance.

Germany Retains Genuine Power In Shadows

It is interesting that re-united East and West Germany are paving the way for the unification of Europe. All economic bar codes must be processed through Germany, Germany is trying to impose enforced nepotistic career restrictions where a career is determined by the family one is born into, a British news agency spoke of investigations of the Bavarian Secret Service which was reportedly smuggling weapon grade plutonium into Germany from a nuclear black market operation they had established in the former Soviet States.

Illuminati Not Remaining Neutral By Any Imagination Stretch

The Illuminati has its base in Germany in Bavaria and Germany has been the most active country in the international drive for Internet censorship and control. Democracy seems to be dying a painful death in Germany, IF it ever really existed there in the first place. As for Neu Schwabenland the construction and secret projects in Antarctica continued throughout the entire course of World War II.

Troubling Questions Remain About Two German U Boats

Just before the end of World War II two German provision U-boats, U-530 and U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea. Reportedly they took with them members of the antigravity-disc research and development teams of ULTRA. The last of the most vital disc components were on these vessels. Much of the technology and hardware had been transported to the base during the course of the war.

Notes, Drawings And Designs For German Flying Discs

This included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or aerial disc designs and designs for the gigantic underground complexes and living accommodations based on the remarkable underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two U-boats duly reached the new land of Neu-Schwabenland where they unloaded everything. When they arrived in Argentina several months later their crews were captured.

U Boat Crews Sacrificed Themselves For Germany

It seems as if they were either counting on the formerly German-friendly Argentineans to allow them access or it could have been that they intentionally allowed themselves to be discovered for disinformation purposes. The loyal Germans may have thought "Yes, we are the last two renegade German submarines. We have been trying to hold out but, oops, you caught us."

HUSSEIN OBAMA: Ample Evidence For Impeachment

Corruption At Highest Governmental Level

Know why United States President Barack Hussein Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court? Pull up the Supreme Court web site, go to the docket and search for Obama. Kagan was the Solicitor General for all the legally filed lawsuits against the president filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship.

Denying Requests Pays Divided For Completely Compromised Judge

All of the requests were denied of course by Kagan. The Solicitor General. The suits were never heard! Obama owed her big time. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper does it not? The American people mean nothing any longer.

Those At Highest Levels Of American Fed Gov Totally Corrupt

It is all about payback time for those that compromised themselves to elect an individual that more than probably has no true right to even be there! The mainstream news media (Nothing But Crap NBC in particular) will never tell the American people this unalterable verifiable fact!

Even FOX Afraid And Fears To Explore These Dark Corrupt Regions

Even Fox News is afraid to say anything about the natural born citizen issue. I do not know what the actual truth is about Obama birth certificate! If president continues to have his way no American will never know. For the love of God pass this along to anyone you think would actually care about this so that people will know what is going on behind the scenes.

Official Documentation Presently Exists Until It Is Duly Altered

Link to United States Supreme Court page. Unless powers that be have made it inoperable it should work properly. Always remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Petition DENIED

Israel Tells Truth About Flotilla Incident


Rush To Judgment By World Against Innocent Israel

The State of Israel insisted that its forces acted in self defense when they were attacked on board the Mavi Marmara by armed militants. The Israel embassy in Abuja said its naval personnel boarded a flotilla of six vessels attempting to violate the maritime blockade on Gaza. The embassy said armed militants on board the ship attacked Israel Navy personnel with live fire and light weaponry including guns, knives and clubs.

Israel Solders Forced To Defend Themselves Against Attackers

As a result of the unprovoked assault on Israel nationals, numerous Israel soldiers and naval personnel were injured because of the extremely violent ambush. Two of the Israel nationals sustained serious injuries while injuries to three others involved in the assault sustained moderate injuries. The embassy added that while the final number of militant fatalities has yet to be released initial reports place them at nine.

Peaceful Vessels Were Allowed To Proceed Without Incident

The embassy also explained that those vessels that reacted peacefully to the operation were escorted unharmed to Israel. The embassy statement read in part Although this is still an ongoing event several facts are already clear: The intent of the armed militants was violent, the methods they employed were violent, and unfortunately, the results was violent.

Attack On Israel Nationals Premeditated Not Spontaneous

The attack on the Israel soldiers was premeditated. The weapons used had been prepared in advance. Huwaida Arraf, a flotilla organizer, foreshadowed the violence with her statement that: The Israelis are going to have to forcefully stop us. Bulent Yildirim, the leader of the IHH, one of the primary organizers of the flotilla, announced just prior to boarding, we are going to resist and resistance will win.

Armed Militants Had No Business On Alleged Peace Vessel

The militants whipped up the boarding crowd by chanting Intifada, intifada, intifada! It should be noted that the Turkey organizing group, IHH, has a radical anti Western orientation. Alongside its legitimate humanitarian activities it supports radical Islamic networks such as Hamas and at least in the past has supported global jihad elements such as al Qaeda. The embassy reiterated Israel rights under international law to act the way it did against the flotilla.

World Media Spreads Lies Like BHO Administration

It said a state of armed conflict exists between Israel and the Hamas regime that controls Gaza. Israel also claimed that Hamas has launched 10,000 rockets against Israel civilians and was at present engaged in smuggling arms and military supplies into Gaza, by land and sea, in order to fortify its positions and continue its attacks. It undertook to ensure that the flotilla cargo will be off loaded in Ashdod and the humanitarian items transferred overland to Gaza in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Israel Even Provides Medical Aid To Enemy Militants

In the same vein, the participants of the flotilla who need assistance are being treated in Israeli medical facilities. The rest will be subjected to immigration procedures applicable in cases of attempted illegal entry.

Michael Jackson Child Molesting AIDS Victim

King Of Pop Not Title This Criminal Deserved

So Michael Jackson has been dead for some time now. Whoop dee do! When the child molesting drug addict died there were millions of hours of tributes to him all over the radio and television airways. It was totally and completely nauseating! This guy had been hauled into court numerous times as a child molester! As for the untalented celebrities and other folks who sang his praises during that time I say screw off. You will soon be reunited with your hero in Hell. Bestards!

Money Probably Kept Many More Victims Silent

The list of victims of this charged child molester was probably a lengthy one. Guess Jackson family protected their cash cow by shoveling money to molested children or their parents to ensure silence. Payoffs are expensive! World rejoiced when the child molester was found innocent of charges. More Jackson cash probably found way to judge and jurors! As for world. Totally worthless brainless sheep. Exist for nothing more than fleecing and slaughter!

Humans Are Total Scum As Evidenced By Role Model Choice

To elevate an individual of his ilk to a pedestal is beyond sick. It speaks of how truly undeserving of life humanity truly is. You listening God? Man has almost totally destroyed the planet you left him on. Now a child molester drug addict is considered a worldwide messiah. Maybe Hell is on Earth. Those who praise this lowlife are saying child molestation is fine if certain people do it. I say that is total crapola! Child molestation is wrong no matter who does it. PERIOD!

Father Excuse Does Not Settle One Ding Blasted Thing

People tell me that he was a father himself. Big deal! Any male that has a functional penis and active sperm which performs even every once in a while has the potential to be a father. Some really sick fathers do molest their own children. Most child molesters never touch their own children. Many are actually model fathers to them. Not so when it comes to their unfortunate unrelated victims! So spare me that righteous holier than thou crap! I am not buying a bit of it.

Believe AIDS Was Actual Cause Of Covered Up Death

I personally believe charged felon died of AIDS. All that other propaganda was a cover story invented by those within Jackson family inner circle to preserve memory of their now deceased cash cow. Rock Hudson died of AIDS. Now almost never mentioned! Did not want fans to get true image of dead man. Might cause a few of them not to spend money on upcoming tribute items. Wanted to keep mystery going by shifting attention to possible murder via drug overdose from trusted doctor. Oh my!

Child Molester Was Just That In My Eyes Nothing More

While the world mourned I was just glad one less child molester was walking around free to do whatever the heck he wanted to do. Above the law. Walking between freaking raindrops! Fans who go ga ga over the scum should remember that his victims will suffer every day of their lives. Feel different had your child been a victim? Do not give me that found innocent bull manure either! OJ Simpson was found innocent too. All of us know how that turned out. A couple of nice songs do not offset horrible crimes against children!



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