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UFO COVERUP: AVRO Saucer Nothing More Than Planned Deception

Object Photographed During Canada Overfly Creates Sensation

In 1959 Jack Judges, a freelance cameraman, was flying over a company plant in Canada when he saw and photographed a picture of a disk shaped craft sitting on the ground. After the photograph was published in the newspapers, speculation grew that the disk was a secret weapon, and one that may have accounted for many of the unidentified flying object sightings during previous years.

United States Air Force Quick To Identify AVRO

In response to the speculation, the United States Air Force released an official photograph of the craft. It was called the AVRO and had first been launched in 1955. A Central intelligence Agency memo of that year confirmed that the craft was based work undertaken by German scientists, notably Miethe, during World War II.

AVRO Craft Faulty And Plagued By Malfunctions From Start

The design was later abandoned in the late 1960s with the Air Force maintaining it was still at an experimental stage when abandoned. The 1990s were to reveal the craft was part of the secret Project Silver Bug, a project to develop a craft that had Vertical Take Off and Landing capabilities that would dispense with the need for runways  and reduce the risks of such runways been targets of attack. Thus immobilizing any aircraft that may rely on it.

UFO COVERUP: Attacks Of Brazilian Citizens Fully Documented

Major UFO Event Not Touched Upon In USA Press

Brazilian Nationals Injured In Unprovoked UFO Attacks

In 1977 the Brazilian island of Colares and the area of the Amazon delta were visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen, some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, barrel-shaped, luminous or not.

They arrived generally from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months.
Regularly, some Island inhabitants were targeted by the objects beaming strange lights at them and many were badly hurt.

The Air Force came, investigated, saw, reported. The weird rays hurt 35 people, and civilians fled from entire villages. You never heard this before? Well read ahead, then.

Events At Colares In 1977

The events mainly concentrated on the city of Colares, about 2000 inhabitants, on Colares Island, which is in the region of Pará, the delta of the Amazon river on the north-eastern coast of Brazil. But the whole region was visited by the same phenomenon.

Beginning in August of 1977, in the island of Colares, strange phenomenon begun to occur, that the Brazilian call Chupa-Chupa. Strange luminous objects appeared over the few towns of the region. These objects were often projecting thin rays, seemingly of light, directed at the people.

The touched people fainted and woke up with a strange anemia. They witnessed that they felt as if some of their blood was removed by the strange rays. The fisherman Manoel João de Oliveira Filho, age 44, married and residing at No. 64 rua Carneiro de Mendonça, was strolling towards the beach early one morning with some companions, to spend a day at sea fishing.

Before they had got to their boats, they saw - above the Rio Novo beach - an object shaped "like an umbrella" stationary at about 4m from the ground. From its under-part came a vivid white light. No sound was detectable from it at where they were standing. The object then moved away equally silently towards Machadinho, switching off the light as it went.

A carpenter named João Dias Costa (age 44) and a fisherman, João da Cruz Silva (age 54), both of Colares town, saw the notorious "luminous spheres" so greatly feared on account of their "low skimming swoops". Another man from Colares town, Sr. Zacarias dos Santos Barata (74) saw the glowing balls on two nights.

The first time, the object came from the direction of the Bay of Marajó, and rapidly vanished towards the interior of Colares Island. On the second night another ball, blue in color, flew over the local football pitch. "It lit up all the trees around the field and then vanished towards the town centre", said Sr. Zacarias.

Sr. Sebastião Vernek "Zizi" Miranda described his experience as follows: "I was there with my wife, Palmira, in front of the church on the sea-front, when at about 8.00pm, we saw an intensely vivid "orangeish" light coming in from the sea towards the town. As it approached, it climbed, and then, moving rapidly, vanished towards the inner part of the Island."

The barber Carlos Cardoso de Paula (age 49), living at Travessa Deodoro da Fonseca No. 231, had a still closer encounter with the "lights", as he told: "Everybody else was asleep. I was just still having my last smoke when suddenly a ball of fire entered our house up near the ridgepole of the gable. It started shooting round and round the room and then finally came right close to my hammock. It ran up my right leg as far as the knee (without touching my skin).

I watched with much curiosity as it then moved across to the other leg. Then I started to feel feeble and sleepy. My cigarette fell from my hand and I came to and let out a yell. The fireball quickly vanished and everybody woke up. I think it had been searching for a vein in my body but didn't manage to do so. As its brightness grew I felt a sort of heat coming from it."

Worker Raimundo Costa Leite, very well known in the town of Colares for his skill in making and repairing fishing-nets, described his own experience: "At about 4.00 in the early morning, I went with my pal "Baixinho" (Orivaldo Malaquias Pinheiro) to fish off the beach at Cajueiro. As I recall it, "Baixinho" shouted "Look! There it is!" and took to his heels, leaving me alone on the beach. The craft was of the size and shape of a helicopter, made no noise, and was flying very high.

I could have taken a pot-shot at it if I had had a gun with me. I was terrified when the machine shone a sort of searchlight down on the beach. That light was sweeping the ground, illuminating everything! It was a bluish light (sort of ‘cold light'). It made it easier for me to see this because the craft had several small reddish lights beneath its front part..

The craft seemed to be seeking something on the ground. I was scared that it would touch me and, despite my poor physical condition I managed to run quite a distance, and then "Baixinho" returned and helped me. The object had come from the direction of the sea and it headed off into the inner part of the Island."

Actually, so many more people reported being attacked by beams of light from small UFOs in this area that only few of them are mentioned here. On October 20, three women were hit in the breast by the beams of light: "All three were overcome by tremendous nervous tension and an unknown sort of lassitude "as though they were receiving constant electric shocks" wrote a newspaper.

On the evening of October 29, Benedito Campos and his 17-year old wife Silvia Mara were at home when "they spotted an oval, silvery object emitting a greenish beam like a searchlight towards the room where they were lying. Filled with curiosity, they approached a small window and, as they did so, the beam shot in through and made straight for Silvia, throwing her into a sort of benumbed trance-like state."

Silvia, who was pregnant at the time, then fainted whereupon two entities apparently entered the house carrying something resembling a golden torch and "once again the beam struck Silvia, this time hitting her in the left arm at the level of the wrist. Her veins seemed to 'rise up out of the body' so swollen were they by the beam striking them." Later, while at a neighbor's house, Benedito was also briefly paralyzed by a light beam.

Fearing a miscarriage, husband and wife were taken at night by boat to the Mosqueiro Medical Clinic, followed all the way by the UFO, which made no further attempt to harm them. They remained there for three days where the wife recovered, but Benedito "was in a state of severe depression for some days, his motor functions disturbed and, as his mother reports, weeping frequently."

The UFO activity over Colares Island was so intense that the people began to think the "Chupa-Chupas" were trying to make some sort of contact with them. Such was the view expressed by Sr. Raimundo Ferreira "Mimi" Monteiro. He still believes the craft were coming up out of the sea or out of some under-water base located in the Bay of Marajó - maybe in the region of the Caldeirão.

Alfredo Bastos Filho, a former town mayor, confirmed this and said: "Yes, indeed I can tell you, there wasn't a moment of peace. The people were terrified by that "Chupa-Chupa" affair. I even managed to see one of the injured victims myself - Dona Mirota, a lady who was receiving medical treatment at the Health Clinic."

The locals became so frightened that many of the women and children left town. The men that remained lit bonfires to mount guard at night, letting off fireworks and banging tins whenever they saw the Chupa-Chupas approaching. Other locked in their homes for fear of the phenomenon. It was mentioned later that the more noise people made and the more bonfires and fireworks, the closer the craft came.

Visits Result In Fatality

By November 1977 doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho,the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, took care of to some 35 people claiming to have been touched by the strange light. She took blood samples, and concluded that the victims suffered from generalized hypertermia, superficial chronic headache, burnings, intense heat, nauseas, tremors in the body, giddiness, asthenia and presented very small orifices in the skin where they were hit by the rays.

She wrote: "All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area." The lesions, looking like radiation injuries, "began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern."

In describing their experiences with these light beams, most victims claimed that "They were immediately immobilized, as if a heavy weight pushed against their chest. The beam was about [seven or eight centimeters] in diameter and white in color. It never hunted for them but hit them suddenly.

When they tried to scream no sound would come out, but their eyes remained open. The beam felt hot, "almost as hot as a cigarette burn," barely tolerable. After a few minutes the column of light would slowly retract and disappear." Most symptoms usually disappeared after seven days.

At Agulhas Fincadas, Mrs. Maria Lopes, inhabitant of Vila Gorete, to the margins of Rio Tapajós, in the neighborhoods of Santarém (Pará), tells her case involving " strange devices " that absorb energy human being, known as Chupa-Chupa.

"I saw an object to settle quiet in the bushes here close... It they had left two men and a woman, who had started to move with two fishing ", counts Maria. Other people gifts in the place had been paralyzed when observing the scene. "When hit, the men died in identical circumstances. On each one's chest, there were little holes as if they had been poked with a dozen needles".

Many had hurt themselves when trying to escape one of the strange objects. In many cases, the marks left by the rays on the victims skin were marks that could have up to eight small holes. In these occurrences, the Chupa-Chupa term was proven right as many of them had lost up to approximately 300 ml of blood, from these wounds.

This was the case of Claudomira, resident in the Island of Colares. She claims that her family already did not sleep right with fear of the devices. "In one of these days, after midnight, I woke up because of a strong flash, a sort of focused bright green light ray that came down from the top roof to my left chest. I tried to shout, but my voice did not function. I felt an exquisite heat... Later, that beam of light diminished and I saw that I was burnt".

Claudomira told that she sighted a strange object, much similar to an umbrella, from which a being of clear skin, oriental eyes and great ears. According to her, the creature was dressed in tight green clothes and had a sort of pistol in the hand, which emitted the luminous beam. At this moment, Claudomira felt perforated as by needles on her breast.

"After this, I felt migraine and a great weakness, that left me collapsed for several days." In the next day to the event, she had been directed to the Sanitary Unit of the town, where she was taken care of by Doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who sent her to the Medical Institute Renato Chaves, in Belém, for backup examinations.

Her ill-being and the constant migraines lasted many days, followed by fatigue and weakness. Years later, Claudomira still did not feel cured. "My health never came back to be the same since that night." She is not the only one to have passed for such situation. Some estimate that thousands of people, also men, had suffered the attacks of the Chupa-Chupa in the years between 1970 and 1980, and they still occur today, though less frequently.

"Emotional and physical sequels are very common in these cases," stated Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, the doctor who took care of Claudomira. Although she was skeptical and she believed that the occurrences of Chupa-Chupa were popular belief or some witchcraft, Dr. Wellaide ended up convinced of the veracity of the cases when she was confronted with their increasing frequency.

"With the increase of hurt people, I started to give more attention each time in the existing injuries. I saw things that do not exist in my medical books," she said. According to her, the victims of Chupa-Chupa presented strangest burnings, not as those provoked by fire or hot water, as she thought herself, but very similar to ones produced by cobalt irradiation. "The injuries varied in extension. First it started with an intense reddishness in the hit area, known as hiperemia.

Later, the skin of the affected region started to fall (alopecia) and days later the skin peeled off." In this period of development, said Wellaide, it was possible to note holes, similar to perforations by needles. One of the most interesting cases she took care of happened with a lady who had cardiac problems. She arrived at the doctor's office very nervous and immediately she showed her left breast, in which were two strange holes.

She complained of giddiness, shortness of breath and weakness, characteristic symptoms already known by people hit by the phenomenon. The doctor tried to calm her and she returned to her home. But at about 03:00 pm, however, Dr. Wellaide was called to urge to the residence of the woman, who had become very sick.

Her whole body was still and she gaped for air but she did not have fever and did not vomit. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the doctor took her to a hospital in Belém.

Hours later, she received the medical papers and the certificate of death forwarded by the Medical Institute Legal Renato Chaves, which stated a heart stroke as cause of the death. The intriguing fact is that at no time, doctors in Belém had mentioned something about the injuries on her body and did not even say if they had effected backing examinations.

Electrically Speaking

Regarding the possible effects of the UFOs on the supply of electricity, Sr. Geraldo Aranha de Oliveira (age 37) of the C.E.I.P.A. explained: "In 1977 the C.E.I.P.A. sub-station consisted of three Scania 125 kw, engines supplying light to the city from 6pm till midnight. I don't recall having ever seen a UFO over the plant. I merely remember that, at that period, lots of lightning conductor rods were burnt out and, at times, some fuses too."

Alert Goes Out To Air Force

COMAR arrived in Belém, and made a series of research in the region, under the project name "Operation Plate." Captain Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, head of information office, directed all the operations in the region. During the investigations, the Air Forces obtained four films and hundreds of photographs of flying disks in the basin of Marajó. They also were a great help to the population, providing psychologists assistance, to eliminate the panic that sized the entire region.

The beams of light from the craft were described as being so bright that they resembled those used to illuminate night sporting events. They were "always sharply defined, directed with perfect precision towards any target - houses, people, boats, trees, even the Brazilian Air Force's helicopters deployed over the island during the investigations. On one occasion one of these powerful beams is reported to have obliged one of the helicopters to land, although the exact technical reason is not given.

According to a statement by Sr. Sebastião V. Miranda, former resident of Colares, "the Brazilian Air Force spent more than 35 days in the town, and installed various devices near the Bacurí beach.

Sra. Alba Câmara Vilhena, a married lady living at 683 rua 15 de Novembro, added: "At the time of the 'Chupa-Chupa' everybody was scared to sleep at night, and so almost every night we went away to be with relatives. On one occasion some people saw one of the craft.

It was round, and all luminous. Just at that moment a helicopter of the Brazilian Air Force was flying quite near to our house. Then we saw the UFO direct a very powerful beam on to the helicopter, obliging it to land on the São Pedro Airfield. That happened at about 8.00 pm one evening."

Professor Raimundo Sebastião Aranha said: "At that period I was closely connected with some of the Air Force's enquiries. They were seeking more information about the "Chupa-Chupa."

He said the Air Force had with them masses of equipment: cars, helicopters, radio transmitters, cameras, powerful glasses, etc., etc., He recalls that, in addition to the rank and file Air Force recruits, there was a whole group of officers and he had the impression that there was a foreigner among them.

The helicopters that appeared from time to time, bringing material and personnel, attempted to chase the UFOs but without much success. Indeed, on the contrary, it was the UFOs that chased them!"

One night several months later, on May 24 1978, a journalist and photographer, who had been sent to cover the local UFO encounters, were in their car when despite the heavy rain they were woken up "by a powerful beam of light which - however unbelievable it may seem - passed through the metallic structure of the roof of the vehicle."

Not surprisingly they leapt out of the car to see that "a tube-shaped light beam, about [twenty-five centimeters] in diameter, was coming down from above onto the roof of the car and passing through the metal paneling." On this and other occasions they managed to take numerous photographs which they claim that their newspaper later sold to "a North-American group".

On another night while trying to use flash equipment to photograph one of these craft "the UFO emitted such a vivid beam of light that it smashed the windscreen" of their car. Several newspaper started to write that the alleged UFOs were weather balloons, or secrets satellites, although there was no possible reason to think that.

Local authorities were of course extremely angry because of such articles. Elói Santos, councilman of the old Enclosure for bullfighting stated: "It is not possible to deny that Belém is, today, a frightened city. We are not technician nor do we argue with the conclusion of the authorities. But we did surprise them with declarations of the witnesses who saw light crossing their roofs to penetrate in their skin, removing a little of blood and leaving visible marks of needles and burnings on their epidermis."


During the "Chupa-chupa" Wave many new "sighting zones" emerged, such as Pinheiro and São Bento in the State of Maranhão, and Viseu and Bragança in the State of Pará. Some areas indeed reached such a 'level of saturation' that rarely a single night passed without UFO sightings.

One of these "ufological epicenters" was over the bay called the Baía do Sol (Bay of the Sun) and had a direct effect upon the Island of Mosqueiro. Mosqueiro is one of the most important of the islands, and it is the biggest, belonging to the municipality of Belém.

Public concern was immense, all the men banding together at night to organize watches, with bonfires and fireworks, thinking these would deter the craft. But nothing seemed to stop the UFOs, not even the Air Force's film men and their cameras - and even less the journalists from the Estado do Pará!

There were frequent and regular sightings of mother-ships and probes and flying saucers, all performing incredible manoeuvers over the Bay. A 61-year-old widow, Elisa da Silva, residing on rua do Bacari, was one of the witnesses in that year (1977). One night, from her house, she saw a flying saucer appear. Vivid white light came from small windows or apertures on it. Seen from below, she said, it seemed quite dark and quite flat. It vanished towards the South, in total silence.

In the opinion of some of the members of the GUA (Amazonian Ufological Group) based in Belém, there exists, or there did exist for a considerable time, at some point beneath the Baía do Sol ("Bay of the Sun") a concealed base for extraterrestrial probe craft. Such an idea would account for the constant appearances, in recent years, of unidentified flying objects over the region.

In 1981, one woman who had been exposed to the UFOs beam in Colares died, although it is no clear that her death was clearly related to the attack. In 1986, not far from Colares, two persons on Crab Island were discovered "badly decomposed by heat" amid numerous sightings of balls of fire in the sky; cause of death "not known" in either case.

Same area, different time: a "ball of fire" seriously burned three men out cutting wood on Crab Island; one of the woodchoppers died. One of the two survivors, Edmundo, had a gaping electrical-type burn injury on the side of his chest, an almost perfect replica of the chest burn suffered by Jack Angel in Georgia in 1974.

In 1993, again in Colares, a 32-year-old missionary and a 40-year-old domestic worker died, a month apart, as a result of close encounters with UFO; according to ufologist Pratt, these women were "both burned on the throat and the chest, as were most of the other people the doctor treated."

Said Pratt: "I know of about ten deaths that have some connection with UFO close encounters." According to the USAF, there is not one proof of the reality of UFOs, and there are no evidence that they can be a danger. According to the skeptics... According to the skeptics? To tell the truth, skeptics never express anything in such cases. And the larger public does simply not know about such cases.

UFO COVERUP: Texas Encounter Indictment Against USA Government

Unsuccessful Search For Bingo Leads Into Hellish Excursion Into Terror

In Huffman, Texas on the evening of December 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum and Colby Landrum had visited several small towns in the Piney Woods area of east Texas looking for a bingo game. They discovered that all games had been canceled while the clubs made preparations for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The three settled for a meal in a roadside restaurant in New Caney.

Just Regular Working Americans

Cash owned a restaurant and a grocery store. Landrum worked for Cash in the restaurant and also occasionally as a school meals assistant. Colby Landrum was the grandson of Landrum. After leaving the restaurant between 8.20 pm and 8.30 pm, Cash drove along Highway FM 1485. A road usually used only by people who live in the area because it is so isolated. The area is sparsely populated and covered by oak and pine trees and dotted with swamps and lakes.

Witnesses Note UFO Presence

It was about 30 minutes later when the three noticed a bright UFO above the treetops some distance away. Colby was the first to spot it and pointed it out to the others. As they drove on it appeared to get larger and larger. As they realized that the object was approaching the road only a short distance ahead they began to get worried but hoped to get by it in time and leave it behind. Before they could do so the object had straddled the road blocking their way.

Curiousity Turned Into Terror

Landrum screamed for Cash to stop the car or we shall be burned alive! The object many times larger than the car remained hovering at tree top level and sending down an occasional large cone of fire like a rocked blast. In between these blasts it would settle downwards only to rise up again on the next cone of fire. Cash described it as being like a diamond of fire. When Cash eventually brought the car to a standstill the UFO was 60 meters away.

Witnesses Describe Unknown Aerial Object In Detail

It looked as if it was made from dull aluminum and glowed so bright that it lit up the surrounding forest like daylight. The four points of the diamond were blunt rather than sharp and blue spots or lights ringed its centerline. Had the UFO not come to rest over the road the cone of fire from its lowest point would have set the forest on fire.

The object also emitted an intermittent bleeping sound. The three of them got out of the car to take a better look at the object. Landrum stood by the open door on the right hand side of the car with her left hand resting on the car roof. Landrum is a committed Christian who does not believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial life and when she saw the bright object she thought it was the coming of the end of the world. She expected to see Jesus come out of the light.

Anything But A Visitation From Jesus Christ

The young boy begged his grandmother to get back in the car and hold him and after about three minutes she did so and told him not to be afraid because when that big man comes out of the burning cloud it will be Jesus. Landrum held the boy as she screamed at Cash to get back in the car with them.

She was so fascinated by the UFO that she had walked round to the front of the car and stood there gazing at it. Bathed in the bright light she stood there even though the heat was burning her skin.

Eventually as the object began to move up and away she moved back to the car door. When she touched the door it was so painfully hot that she had to use her leather jacket to protect her hands as she got back in the car.

Earthly Escorts For Unearthly Craft

The three of them watched the departing UFO. A large number of helicopters then appeared overhead. Cash said they seemed to rush in from all seemed like they were trying to encircle the thing.

Within a few seconds the UFO had disappeared behind the trees lining the road. It was then that they realized how hot the interior of the car had become. They switched off the heater and put on the air conditioner instead.

Another Glimpse Of Mysterious UFO

When the effects of the bright light had worn off Cash started the engine and they drove off down the darkened highway. After a mile or so of twisting road they were able to join a larger highway and turn in the direction of the departing UFO. This was about five minutes later.

The object was clearly visible some distance ahead and looked like a bright cylinder of light. It was still lighting up the surrounding area and illuminating the helicopters. The helicopters were spread out over a distance. One main group was near the UFO but moving in an erratic flight path.

Almost Two Dozen Apprarently Unmarked Military Helicopters

As the three watched from their new vantage point they counted 23 helicopters. Many of them were identified as the large double rotor CH-47 Chinooks. The others were very fast single rotor types and appeared to be of the Bell-Huey type but were not properly identified.

A lot of air crew members must have seen the UFO that night. As soon as the UFO and helicopters were a safe distance ahead Cash drove on. When she reached an intersection she turned away from the flight path of the UFO and towards Dayton where the three of them lived.

Witnesses Return Home

Cash dropped the others off at their home at about 9.50 pm then went home by herself. A friend and her children were there waiting for her but by this time she was feeling too ill to tell them about what had happened. Over the next few hours her skin turned red as if badly sunburned. Her neck swelled and blisters erupted and broke on her face, scalp and eyelids. She started to vomit and continued to do so throughout the night. By morning she was almost in a coma.

All Witnesses Suffer Physically From Brief Encounter

Between midnight and 2 am the Landrums began to suffer similar symptoms although less severe. At first they suffered the sunburn like condition and then diarrhea and vomiting. It was a miserable night for all three victims.

The following morning Cash was moved to the Landrum house where all three were cared for. Cash's condition continued to deteriorate and three days later she was taken to the hospital.

The burns and swelling altered her appearance so radically that a friend who came to visit her in hospital did not recognize her. Her hair began to fall out and her eyes became so swollen that she was unable to see for a week.

Helicopters Verify American Government Involvement

The appearance of helicopters at UFO sightings is becoming a common event. The large number of helicopters at this incident is just another link in the chain. One thing is for certain, it is virtually impossible to be mistaken about the presence of CH-47 helicopters when you are directly beneath these large and noisy machines.

The evidence of all the witnesses was consistent. They were interrogated separately about both the UFO and the helicopters and all gave consistent descriptions and sketches that indicated they had seen a large number of CH-47s.

Governmental Coverup Remains Firmly In Place

Finding out where the helicopters had come from was a more difficult task than identifying them. Around 350 to 400 helicopters operate commercially in the Houston area but they are all of the single rotor type.

There are no CH-47s. Because helicopters fly on visual flight rules they do not have to contact the tower. Other information provided was that outside a radius from the airport helicopters must stay below a certain altitude.

Army Officials Deny Any Knowledge Of Helicopters

The Army Fort Hood press officer told the Corpus Christi Caller that no Fort Hood aircraft were in the area that night. He did not know any other place around that would have that number of helicopters nor did he know what it could be..... unless there was a super secret thing going on and he would not necessarily know about it. All other bases in Texas and Louisiana denied they were responsible for the helicopters seen at the incident.

Independent Witnesses Verify UFO Incident

The three were not the only witnesses to the strange happenings at Huffman. An off duty Dayton policeman and his wife were driving home from Cleveland through the Huffman area the same night and also observed a large number of CH-47s. A man living in Crosby, directly under the flight path, reported seeing a large number of heavy military helicopters flying overhead.

Oilfield laborer Jerry McDonald was in his back garden in Dayton when he saw a huge UFO flying directly over head. At first he thought it was the Goodyear airship, but quickly realized it was something else. He said it was kind of diamond shaped and had two twin torches that were shooting brilliant blue flames out the back. As it passed above him he saw that it had two bright lights on it and a red light in the center.

UFO Takes Heavy Toll On Texans

Since their encounter the witnesses have been plagued with periodic outbreaks of skin troubles as if they were more susceptible to infection than before. The most far reaching injury has been the damage to their eyes. Their eyelids became infected very rapidly and have never fully recovered.

Since the incident Landrum has had to have three new pairs of spectacles with successively stronger prescriptions to match the deterioration of her eyesight. Her eyesight continues to deteriorate and she still suffers from periodic infections. She fears she may eventually go blind.

Her grandson has suffered similar problems but has needed only one new pair of glasses. Within a few weeks of the encounter Landrum had lost about 30 percent of her hair. She had large bald patches on her head. When it grew back it was of a different texture. The boy lost only a small patch of hair on the crown of his head which grew back in time.

Cash Suffers Most From Bizarre Incident

The Cash injuries seemed even worse. She experienced a severe sunburn like condition and developed large water blisters, some as large as golf balls, over her face head and neck. One of these covered her right eyelid and extended across her right temple.

She also developed a long term aversion to warm water, sunshine or other heat sources. In the year following the encounter she has spent five periods in hospital, two of those in intensive care. She lost over half of the hair on her head and has also had skin eruptions.

Many as big as a large coin which leave permanent scars. Doctors are baffled by these symptoms but speculate that they could be caused by some kind of radiation.

Pilots Continue To Parrot Criminal Government Falsehood

One day in April 1981 a CH-47 flew into Dayton. As the Landrum boy watched he became very upset. Landrum decided to take him to the spot where the helicopter had landed in the hope that it would seem less frightening on the ground.

When they reached the landing zone they found a lot of people there already and had to wait some time before they were allowed to go inside the helicopter and talk to the pilot. Landrum and another visitor both claim that the pilot said he had been in the area before for the purpose of checking on a UFO in trouble near Huffman.

Truth Was Only Fleeting In This Instance

When Landrum told the pilot how glad she was to see him because she had been one of the people burned by the UFO he refused to talk to them any more and hustled them out of the aircraft. The pilot was later questioned.

He admitted to knowing about the encounter with the UFO but maintained that he had not been in the area in December and had nothing to do with any UFO. Unless another pilot decides to come forward it seems that the source of the helicopters will remain a mystery.

UFO COVERUP: Contactee Carroll Watts Told Truth After All

Carroll Watts Discloses Reason Behind False Hoax Confession

The nightmare began for Carroll Watts of Wellington, Texas near Waco on February 8, 1967. A series of bizarre unexplained UFO events led to a false hoax confession from the beleagured witness. Authorities fail to mention that the American citizen was beaten up, shot at, threatened, harassed, ridiculed and robbed of key physical evidence. The case rarely surfaces during UFO discussions due to the false hoax claim. Hoax claims in paranormal instances later prove to be the only true hoaxes. That is the truth in this instance.

Watts Bears His Soul About Untruthful Hoax Confession

Carroll Watts: "I had full intentions of trying to prove my story to be true before anything was released and had been working with the Associated Press for several days when United Press International heard of the case and butted in. UPI released a short rundown of the story that same night and as soon as the story hit the wires I received my first threat to forget about trying to prove it.

Protection Of Family Weighs Heavy In Decision To Falsely Admit Hoax

"Therefore, I decided to call in a hoax and forget the whole thing. There were several SERIOUS THREATS MADE to me and my family and I found out that I had stumbled on to something far more serious than I had expected."

Carroll Watts UFO Case Truly Intriguing One

Did Watts see what he said he saw? Was his confessed hoax actually a hoax in its own right? Was the contactee caught up in something over his head? All indications point to affirmative responses to all questions. The Texas cotton farmer knew nothing about UFOs. His initial thought upon obsrvance of strange craft were that they were government vehicles. Wrong!

Photographic Evidence Willfully Destroyed

A craft also appeared later. The Texan managed to snap seven Polaroid photographs. Watts went to the wrong place when he contacted the University of Colorado which was involved in the UFO study (whitewash) headed by Edward Condom, uh, Condon. Condom and cronies misplaced (destroyed) the original Polaroid photos. Good old Condom actually advised Watts to remain quiet about his experiences. Some scientific study!

Publicity Results In Problems For Watts Family

When Watts went public he became a national sensation. With the celebrity came threats for him to remain silent. All conspiracies require silence. Plenty of it! The contactee was even invited to take a polygraph examination which he failed after a terrifying incident on his way to the test which included being menaced by a machine gun. Watts was ordered to flunk the polygraph examination. He understandably complied!

Watts Attacked In His Home

A vehicle like one associated with nefarious Men In Black motored past the Watts residence later. Shots were fired but no one was hurt. Watts, to his eternal credit, attempted to return fire but scored no hits with his carbine. The incident justifiably terrorized his wife. The shooting incident was reported to authorities. The reaction of his wife explains the next scenario!

Watts Concedes Entire Affair A Hoax

It was at this point that the contactee explained to everyone within listening distance that everything was a hoax. A person close to Watts claimed he was influenced by a mysterious stranger. Paranoia then apparently set in. Being paranoid does not mean that THEY are not actually out to get you!

Truly Sad Ending To Story

Watts ended his life as a broken man. He believed all his life that his problems stemmed from his UFO encounter. An apparently confused Watts wound up behind bars. He proclaimed that the incident cost him his wife, children, finances, freedom and health. Watts was involved in something he did not understand then went public. Ever wonder why there are so many silent contactees?

UFO COVERUP: Tragic Case Of Contactee Carroll Watts

Carroll Watts UFO Case Truly Intriguing One

Did Watts see what he said he saw? Was his confessed hoax actually a hoax in its own right? Was the contactee caught up in something over his head? All indications point to affirmative responses to all questions. The Texas cotton farmer knew nothing about UFOs. His initial thought upon obsrvance of strange craft were that they were government vehicles. Wrong!

Photographic Evidence Willfully Destroyed

A craft also appeared later. The Texan managed to snap sevenPolaroid photographs. Watts went to the wrong place when he contacted the University of Colorado which was involved in the UFO study (whitewash) headed by Edward Condom, uh, Condon. Condom and cronies misplaced (destroyed) the original Polaroid photos. Good old Condom actually advised Watts to remain quiet about his experiences. Some scientific study!

Publicity Results In Problems For Watts Family

When Watts went public he became a national sensation. With the celebrity came threats for him to remain silent. All conspiracies require silence. Plenty of it! The contactee was even invited to take a polygraph examination which he failed after a terrifying incident on his way to the test which included being menaced by a machine gun. Watts was ordered to flunk the polygraph examination. He understandably complied!

Watts Attacked In His Home

A vehicle like one associated with nefarious Men In Black motored past the Watts residence later. Shots were fired but no one was hurt. Watts, to his eternal credit, attempted to return fire but scored no hits with his carbine. The incident justifiably terrorized his wife. The shooting incident was reported to authorities. The reaction of his wife explains the next scenario!

Watts Concedes Entire Affair A Hoax

It was at this point that the contactee explained to everyone within listening distance that everything was a hoax. A person close to Watts claimed he was influenced by a mysterious stranger. Paranoia then apparently set in. Being paranoid does not mean that THEY are not actually out to get you!

Truly Sad Ending To Story

Watts ended his life as a broken man. He believed all his life that his problems stemmed from his UFO encounter. An apparently confused Watts wound up behind bars. He proclaimed that the incident cost him his wife, children, finances, freedom and health. Watts was involved in something he did not understand then went public. Ever wonder why there are so many silent contactees?

UFO COVERUP: France Landing Of 1954 Remains Mystery

A small being wearing a diving suit, with large head in comparison to the body, two enormous eyes, such is the description that Mr. Olivier gave Wednesday evening in Toulouse, of a mysterious character descended from a spherical machine which had been just landed at 07:30 P.M., on a vacant site.

Mr. Olivier, owner of Establishments Javel Neto, rue des Fontaines, in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano, and of a young boy aged about fifteen years. All three saw the luminous craft land, it had a spherical shape and a reddish color.

Then, they saw the character whose diving-suit according to the witnesses statement shone like glass, come towards them. Thereafter, Mr. Olivier drew the diving suit equipped being in an impressive manner, with chalk, on a door. "I did not believe in it, added Mr. Perano, but I saw it as I see you. That was quite a shock."

After a very short time, approximately a minute, the diver regained the luminous sphere which flew away vertically, without noise, and disappeared in the sky at an extraordinary speed leaving a trail of fire.

Because of the night, no observation could be done at the place where the machine is said to have landed.

Oily traces were noted Thursday morning in several place of a vacant site located in a suburb of Toulouse.

According to declarations of the three witnesses, the mysterious craft, piloted by a character wearing a diving suite had landed on this location yesterday at 07:35 P.M.

The Air Police Force interrogated these three people, among whom figure an industrialist, they maintained their statement, specifying that the mysterious individual measured approximately 1 m 20, exceeded the machine with his head and had, consequently, to bend to penetrate there.

One of the witnesses insisted that the saucer was surrounded by iridescent reflections and emitted a light fog around it. He added that having wanted to get closer, he had been retained at about 20 meters of it by a paralysing force and that, when the craft rose in the sky, he had been violently thrown to ground.

UFO COVERUP: Contactee Billy Meier Vindicated

NOTE: It sure feels wonderful when know it all a$$hole skeptics are proven to be full of shet! That has happened once again in the case of ridiculed ufo contactee Billy Meier who has been denounced as a hoaxster by skeptics since he went public with sincere but controversial ufo claims. I tip my cap to Michael Horn for setting the record straight. Thanks again Michael. The illuminating words appear below:

You are about to be presented with, and perhaps even confronted by, clear and incontrovertible proof that the UFO photo and film evidence in the Meier case is authentic, unfalsified and irreproducible with the technology known to have been available to Billy Meier at the time that he presented his 35mm photographic, 8mm film and other physical evidence.

It is also still irreproducible today, even with the best digital effects. Whether you are a sophisticated photographic and visual/special effects expert, or simply a layman, the use of common sense alone will be sufficient for you to understand the authenticity, and importance, of the evidence that you will see. And, as already suggested, an honest application of technological expertise will reveal, and result in, the same findings.

Skeptical Argument

The skeptical argument against Billy Meier's stunningly clear, "too good to be true", UFO photographs, films and video has been that Meier used model UFOs and also model, or miniature, trees to create his evidence. This was the original claim made by CFI-West/IIG, in 2001 when they accepted my challenge to duplicate just one of Meier's UFO photos and one of his films.

Naturally, that is a challenge they have never been able to meet.
Their claims that Meier used such models to create what they referred to as "an esily duplicated hoax" were presented by their current lead investigator, Derek Bartholomaus, in his carefully scripted presentation in the Special Features section of our film.

Subsequent to the release of the film, Mr. Bartholomaus was forced to retract his foundational claims regarding models, since he was completely unable (despite years of preparation) to produce any evidence for them, without so much as one photogrpah of a comparable model tree to support his assertions.

Further, his attempt to get Academy Award-winning Uncharted Territory to retract their statement regarding the virtual impossiblity that Meier used model UFOs was not only rebuffed, they clearly restated their same evaluation. So frustrated was Mr. Bartholomaus, when other examples of his incompetence and false claimes were revealed, that he then took to falsifying emails from me to try to distract from the implosion of his own demolished credibility.

Final Attempt

The last individual to try to debunk Meier's photographic evidence tried to duplicate the photos and film/video with small models, predictably unimpressive as they are. But at least he tried. In his final attempt debunking and duplicating Meier's evidence.

You'll notice that the last photo shows a man standing next to a tree, which we say is the same tree in Meier's photo. In Meier's photo the tree is barren-branched, since the photographs were taken as winter was ending, in 1976. I should also point out that the photo is one of 34 in the Hasenböl series, which also includes stunningly clear photos of the UFO in earlier daylight hours, several of which can be seen.

See For Yourself

So as to present the final proof referred to in the title above, we first present this photo of the Sunlight UFO (above) next to one of the barren-branched trees.

UFO COVERUP: Strange Case Of Contactee Antonio Tasca

December 14, 1983

Witness, Antonio Nelso Tasca of Garibaldi, Brazil, is introduced variously as a farmer, gaucho, former radio-broadcaster, building restoration worker, scientific assessor of the Chamber of the High Patrol, well known and well considered personality of Chapeco in the state of Santa Catarina, 48 years old at the time of the event. On December 14, 1983 at 8:00 p.m. in the night, he was driving alone his Brasilia model 81 car from the village of Colonia Cella in the state of Brasilia in direction of the town of Chapeco in the state of Santa Catarina.

Unearthly Force Manifests Itself

At a certain point, being 11 kilometers from the home of his son Maximino Tasca he was traveling to, and little before arriving at the turnpike that gives access to the Tozzo Farm Estate, he says, he was urged by a "strange force" or an "inner command" to enter a dirt track.

Mental Command Directs Witness Off Roadway

He thus left the road going to the BR-282 highway and entered this dirt track. After a few meters in the dirt track, he soon saw an object ahead, that he initially thought to be a bus, as, he says, it had the white-greenish colors of the bus of the local line. It was rectangular, with small windows around. He soon realized that this object of ashy color was hovering about one meter above the ground and had no wheels.

Approach Of Object May Not Have Been Wisest Course To Take

He stopped the car, turned off the headlight, stepped out, locked the doors and walked 10 meters in the direction of the strange object. The rectangular windows were laid out in a row that had a light curve at the ends of the object. At a distance of few meters, Tasca felt heat waves and decided to go back to the car.

Encounter Takes Truly Bizarre Turn

But when he put his hand in his pocket to take out his key, a carpet of white-red light, roughly one meter broad, left from the lower part of the object, and went in the direction of his feet. This carpet took him in the direction of the object, but he never remembered what occurred starting from a few meters of the ship, how he entered there and what occurred in the following minutes.

Clinical Type Environment

He nevertheless remembered to have opened his eyes and to perceive that he was lying in a completely obscure and rather cold environment, unable to move, except for the feet, which he could press against something solid and cold. As time passed, the cold increased and its breathing decreased. Seized by panic, he thought that he had been buried alive and hopelessly shouted for help.

Brazilian Subjected To Physical Examination

After some time the temperature and his breathing became normal again. He then heard noises of footsteps, which he thought came from three to four light and small people. They remained at its side, and he perceived that one of these people, on his right, started to poke at the articulation of his body, and that it was repeated on his left side, Tasca thinking that these pressures were made with the tip of some object. He heard growls, which increased between the beings, as if they spoke between them. Then, three beings carried him towards what he thought to be another room.

Witness Left Alone With His Own Thoughts

They left him lying on a plan and they retired. A light was turned on and he instinctively closed the eyes. When he managed to open them, he saw that the environment was completely illuminated, but that there was not the least kind of source of light, neither shades or lines which would have indicated edges, doors, windows or any other detail of the walls.

Beautiful Woman Appears

When he turned to the right, he noticed that his clothes was folded and that his socks were on top of his shoes. He got dressed and, moving towards one of the walls, passed a finger on the surface and noticed that it was neither cold nor hot, only smooth. On his right was as a door in the shape of an ogive giving the impression that some energy crossed the wall in the direction right to left. Through this door, a woman of a strange beauty appeared, who reminded him of the actress Bruna Lombardi to him.

Description Of Distinctive Female

Of a small size of 1.20 meters, she had smooth hair which fell on her shoulders, of straw color, she had slanted blue eyes, distant from the base of the nose. She carried an indigo blue clothing, which went a little below the knee, with a belt of the same color comprising a lace with the front and, at the level of the bust, there was a species of "seam" in relief in form of a reversed "T". She had smooth and blue sandals, and no other kind of ornament.

Strange Woman Calms Frightened Brazilian

She came in with the left hand on the chest and the other open, raised at the level of the head, and initiated a telepathic communication. She said without moving her lips, "Stay calm, I am of peace and love." At this time, Tasca heard some sort of melodic music, reminding a bit of violins, that lasted roughly ten seconds. When he wondered in thought from where she came, he understood:

Cabala Was Her Name

"I am Cabala, messenger of the world of Agali. I come in a mission of peace and love." He asked her where they were and she answered that they were in the flying saucer, under the ocean, 180 meters below sea level. As he was naked and was disturbed by her presence, the woman calmed him by saying that he was going to drink and that all would be fine.

Unusual Liquid Has Otherwordly Quality

She him gave what seemed to be a metallic tube, that she took from a sort of rack with red buttons, and contained a liquid that Tasca felt had neither taste nor odor. When swallowing it, he did not feel the liquid to go down by the oesophagus. Cabala took the tubes and positioned them back. She turned in the direction of the other wall, where a kind of sofa has now appeared.

Female Makes Her Carnal Intentions Clear

By taking off her clothes, she clearly made Tasca understand that she desired to make the love with him. In spite of the situation, he succeeded getting aroused and undertook a sexual intercourse with her. Tasca specifies that she did not show signs a pleasure during the sex.

Sexual Interaction Was Far From Spectacuar

The intercourse consumed, she moved away, put on her clothes, and transmitted the message: "We have both been chosen." She specified that they were going to have two sons from their union, who will be named Mada and Madana. Tasca asked her whether he would be brought back and received an affirmative answer, but he actually would be brought back far from the place where he had been taken.

Witness Questions Why He Was Chosen

He then asked why he was chosen since he did not think he was anything special, and he ensures she told him he had been selected because he believed in her existence, that she had desired this moment, and because he was gifted of the cosmic spirit. Then Cabala stated that he would carry message for the people of the Earth. He was surprised this choice, because he knew he did not have a very good memory.

Brazilian Presented Message He Must Not Forget

She moved again towards the rack and took some sort of diadem, or tiara, formed of a series of half-circles in green, yellow and red colors. On each half-circle, there was a 3 centimeters device roughly in the shape of a cross. She put this diadem on his head, telling him that he must repeat the message twice and then he would not forget it. He then recited the 438 words message which, in short, spoke about the need for deactivation of nuclear weapons and announced the beginning of a new era for mankind, which was to get ready by finding the solution of the enigmas of the world and starting various ecological projects.

Contactee Forebodings Has Been Heard Before

The message is rich in the blatant naive absurdities in so many alleged "contactees" messages, for example, it say that in case of a total nuclear war, the Earth would be thrown out of its celestial course, and who would influence other dimensions and parallel worlds linked to the Earth and currently ignored by mankind. The message predicts strange telluric demonstrations and celestial signs of magnificent splendor and worrying beauty; all that did not occur so far. Some "Masters of the Wisdom of Suma" are predicted to return to a renewed Earth, and mankind would then live happily, without aging and with the power to resuscitate the dead.

Interaction With Unknown Finally Comes To An End

Then, she withdrew the diadem and kept it. She came out by the same door, which was closed again. The light turned off and Tasca felt the presence of same beings as before, who drew on his shirt and grunted to make him understand he should lie down. He perceived that the beings went away, and he fainted. When he opened the eyes again, he was lying in the ground on a slope, and from the height of the Sun, he calculated that it was approximately six o'clock in the morning.

Witness Returns To Normal World Of Reality

He heard the noises of cars, which indicated a nearby road. Still feeling numb, he remembered the experience that had occurred, the message of Cabala, and felt happy to be back on the Earth. He stayed there some time, and noticed that its clock was blocked at 10:05. He stood up, took some steps, saw the Diesel Electrotype Batistella plant. He now knew that he was roughly 11 kilometers from home and after several attempts, he managed to call his relatives.

Relatives Respond To Tale

All were relieved to know that he was well. He decided to return by foot and, on the way, was recovered by his son who was looking for him in San Carlos, a city close to Chapeco. Being given his psychological state, he was taken along to a First Aid center where he was taken care of by Doctor Júlio Zawadzki, who prescribed him sedatives. This doctor asked him whether he had some physical damage and as the answer was in the negative, he went back to the house of his son-in-law where all his relatives awaited his return with emotion.

Effort To Clean Up Reveals Apparent Physical Evidence Of Encounter

At 01:00 p.m., he decided to take a bath. When he removed his shirt, his parents indicated with surprised a mark on his ribs, which seemed to be a burn produced by a heated iron, and they found strange marks on his backbone, between the scapulas. The same day, he went back to the First Aid center to see Doctor Júlio Zawadzki, who observed the wounds. Surprised, the doctor revealed that he never saw anything like it.

Wounds Undergo Even More Scrutiny

The next day, Tasca turned over to the consulting-room, where were two other doctors, Doctor Madalozzo and Carlos Reis, who thoroughly analyzed his wounds. They carried out several examinations and pressed their fingers on the wounds. They were puzzled that Tasca did not show any kind of pain when they touched the wounds.

Illness Apparent After Effect Of Experience

The three following days, he did not feel any hunger and practically ate nothing. On Sunday, at 2 o'clock in the morning, he felt bad and vomited. He could feel a white blackberry taste, corresponding exactly to the contents of the second tube which he had drunk in the presence of Cabala. From this day on, his appetite was back to normal.

Witness Not Shy About Relating Tale Of Event

Tasca very quickly gave many interviews to the newspapers, radios, televisions, and wrote a book, "A man marked by the Extraterrestrials", telling of his adventure; he is regularly a guest in the ufology conferences of the country.

Brazilian Undergoes Hypnosis

He was subjected to hypnotic regression sessions "by researchers in quest of the observation of the veracity of his really astonishing case." He believes that he was predestined by the extraterrestrial, and that he thus had since childhood, visions of probes, unidentified objects and extraordinary phenomena. Numerous ufologists have investigated his claims, starting by Dr. Walter Büller of SBEDV (Brazilian Society for the Study of the Flying Discs) of Rio de Janeiro.

Unusual Magnetic Readings Puzzle Investigators

Büller, with a magnetometer, observed evidence of strong magnetism in the loop of Tasca's belt, in the bumper of his Brasilia car, exactly at the side exposed to the object. The anomaly was also detected in the neutral power cable of a pole near the spot of the encounter.

Several Perplexing Points To Consider

Tasca was a guest at the The First World UFO Forum, organized by A. J. Gevaerd, from Brazilian UFO Magazine in December 1997. The "W" mark was still visible in 1992. The witness is single; the marks on his body which he indicates to have been examined by three doctors should have been recorded in writing, which would have been easy to obtain. The magnetic anomalies mentioned by Walter Büller cannot be convincing enough as they are too easy to create for anyone having access to radio equipment such as a bulk eraser. It is probably not necessary to point out that the story resembles that of Antonio Villas Boas in the same country decades earlier and numerous such accounts of alleged contacts with aliens bringing a message to humanity with a content very much sounding as a rather human mythology.