Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natalee Holloway Sold Into Sex Slavery

All Mention Of Ship Disappears After Early Reports

Remember early reports from Aruba immediately after disappearance of Alabama girl Natalee Holloway? Remember how suspect was saturated with water from his waist down? Ever notice how smug arrogant suspect is when any potential discovery of a body is mentioned? Know why? Because the lowlife scumball sold the American girl into white slavery for boatloads of money! This jerkoff knows that no body will surface because victim was alive when he handed her over to human traffickers on that ship no one wants to mention now!

Just A Tiny Refresher Years After The Fact

Joran Sloot and two other previously detained suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway have been arrested. Sloot was picked up in the Netherlands where he is attending university and brothers Satish and Deepak Kalpoe in Aruba. They have been charged with suspicion of involvement in manslaughter and causing serious bodily harm that caused the death of an 18 year old American. Sloot is expected to be extradited back to Aruba where the crime took place. Holloway disappeared on May 30, 2005 while on a senior class trip to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba .

Entering Bar Was First And Last Mistake Of Southern Girl

Holloway was last seen leaving a bar with the three men. Prosecuters said that the three were re-arrested because of significant new information in the case. Aruban officials had asked Dutch police to undertake a separate investigation which apparently uncovered new evidence. The families of all three men have been questioned again recently. The investigation has remained open though the lack of new information caused the case to have very little activity. Sloot was said to be bitterly surprised by the latest turn of events.

Smug Crime Perpetrator Knows He Is In Safe Hands

A district judge in the Netherlands ordered the 20 year old university student to be extradited to Aruba for questioning. The Aruban joke known as the criminal system follows Dutch law. If a judge determines that the three suspects must stand trial, there will be no jury. All decisions of guilt or innocence are solely at the discretion of the presiding judge.

Lies Of Suspects Far Too Thin To Slice

Being the son of a judge can be a good thing. especially after the commission of a crime! Aruba authorities refused to give the case priority regardless of what many mainstream reporters in the United States and worldwide contended. Coverup and corruption were the norm not the exception in this instance. Sort of the way powerful folks in USA are judged by being condemned to country club prisons! All the suspects knew from the commission of the crime that they would never face prosecution!

Human Traffickers Pay Big Bucks For Young Women

I say what I am about to with compassion. Considering what awaited the naive Alabama girl from her captors she may have wished many times for a peaceful death to free her from her physical bondage. How much is a young female worth? Many slave traders are willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a healthy specimen. Hardly chump change! These women are allocated numbers then subjected to severe sadistic training designed to break them first mentally then phyically.

Completely Break Spirit Then Physical Submission Only An Afterthought

These poor victims are trained to be obident sex slaves to whoever purchases them. If they survive the nightmarish slave training are at the beck and call of their buyers! Why is slave trade allowed to prosper? Too many bribes to too many officials including those in USA. This is not a penny ante operation! Thousands upon thousands of young women who disappear every year wind up as human sex slaves. Captors regard them as nothing more than cattle. No names. Broken. Often times murdered then discarded. No one is the wiser!

Alabama Girl May Yet Survive

Holloway may yet survive. Want truth? Torture it out of that oxygen waste commode residue suspect! That is the only way it can be obtained. Barbaric? Not a fraction as barbaric compared to what victim would suffer in merciless slave market. Any chance of locating her? The human slave trade is so efficiently run that even a one in a million recovery would be positive. Generally women who vanish are never hard from again. Victim suffers. Thug who committed act waltzes around free without a care in the world. Ain't justice grand?


Indications Point To Eve As First Adultress

Adam was a pure creation of God. Lucifer could not corrupt him. The king of all fallen angels spent an unspecified amount of time hammering away at the first human being. All of his promises, threats and beguiling ways fell on deaf ears. Adam was loyal to his creator and would continue to be loyal to his creator. It is not known the amount of time involved. It could have been hundreds or even thousand of years. Lucifer is not only the most beautiful of all the angels but the most intelligent. He set plans in motion to lower Adam in the eyes of God.

Another Human Required To Pave Way For Downfall

Lucifer basically used a creation of God to his own advantage. He told God that He was being selfish and unfair to His new creation. Lucifer pointed out that every animal creation of God was given a female to share life with. Adam was alone except for his interaction with God. Lucifer pled his case that Adam deserved a female of his own species to dispell times of loneliness when God was not physically present. Adam was originally to have been created in Heaven but a hard negotiated Lucifer compromise reulted in Garden Of Eden location instead.

Adam Rib For Eve Creation May Have Been Lucifer Suggestion

Many Biblical scholars have pondered why God did not create Eve in the manner Adam was created. The creation of Eve was not a pure creation as that of Adam. The hands of God crafted Adam from virtual nothingness. Eve came from the rib of Adam. Which technically makes Adam the mother as well as father of humankind. Animals possessed the ability to reproduce. This magical gift was being withheld from Adam and Eve until He deemed them to be ready for that special gift. Both humans were pre puberty specimens.

Consumption Of Forbidden Fruit Led To Downfall

God told Adam that everything was his except for one fruit which was forbidden. Eve also knew it was forbidden to eat this fruit! Lucifer was an angel. Eve was a fraile human. She was no match for the powerful fallen angel. Eve became a physical lover of Lucifer. The first adultress enjoyed the sexual pleasure derived from the act until Lucifer explained to her the sexual satisfaction which would await her once she partook of the fruit. He told her that a bite of the forbidden fruit would awaken that dormant sexualty forevermore.

Lucifer Faces Obstacle In Quest Of Downfall

She was told that God would not kill her. He did not! Lucifer said the forbidden fruit had to be consumed by her and Adam together in order to achieve full sexual release. Eve wanted to partake of the fruit by herself. Lucifer knew both had to consume the fruit as one or God would simply destroy her then provide Adam with another mate. One who might not be so simple to tempt. He knew this was unacceptable! Both had to consume the fruit at the same time. Lucifer was hopeful that God would be so angered that He would destroy both humans!

Reproduction Activation Chemical In Forbidden Fruit

God knew that the activitation chemical in the forbidden fruit would trigger the human reproduction processes. Adam and Eve had sexual relations from the start but reproduction was not posssible. Pre puberty adults engage in sexual actitivy but conception is not possible until puberty! Once both boneheads consumed the fruit then their eyes, minds and bodies were open. They knew they were naked. Lucifer could only laugh hysterically when God confronted the two totally disgraced disobient humans.

Love Of God Disrupts Lucifer Best Laid Plans

God did not follow through with the total destruction envisioned by Lucifer. God simply had too much love for Adam and Eve even though they disobeyed Him. God chose banishment from the Garden of Eden, which is nowhere on Earth, as punishment. Childbirth was the harsh punishment of Eve as the first one to partake of the forbidden fruit. Adam was sentenced to a lifetime of hard work for his transgression. Lucifer continued to have sexual relations with a now completely disgraced Eve. Cain of the result of the interaction between Eve and Lucifer.

LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Abel Sacrifical Lamb

Abel Son Of Adam Was Sacrificial Lamb

Religious texts reveal little about Abel other than the fact that he was murdered by his older brother Cain. Indications are that Abel was a kind boy who greatly respected his parents and worshipped God. When it came time to offer animal sacrifices his offerings always seemed to please God. The offerings of Cain were less pleasing to God. Abel was blessed with a joyous spirit. Cain was cursed with a muderous jealous spirit. Lucifer Chronicles parchments seemed to have shed a light on this controversial mystery.

First Son Of Man Fathered By Lucifer

It makes sense that the first son of Eve was actually fathered by Lucifer not Adam. This would fully explain the dysfunctional DNA traits not present in Abel who was the actual son of Adam. Lucifer was able to persuade Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit because the two of them were lovers in the Garden of Eden. The first adultress in history was unable to bear children until ingesting the fruit. This was a pre puberty time for her and Adam. Chemicals in that fruit triggered the process known as the reproduction cycle.

Abel Was Only A Boy With Childlike Qualities

The youngest son loved his parents and brother dearly but he loved God even more. His praise and worship of God was neverending. This constant worship was an irritant to Cain who despised his life of hard work and blamed God for all the ill fortunes actually thrust on mankind by the decision of Eve. Cain was not the only hater of Abel. Luicifer had a special hatred for the young boy. Lucifer knew the descendants of Abel would be selfless followers of God which was something which angered him tremendously.

Lucifer Could Not Kill Abel But Cain Could

God expressly forbid Lucifer to physically harm Adam, Eve, Abel or Cain. This unbreakable rule was actually in place for all angels since the creation of Adam. Lucifer was actually the only angel granted special permission to communicate with the humans. It was a compromise enacted by Lucifer which paved the way for creation in the Garden of Evil and not in Heaven. That special exception led to the successful temptation of Eve, the utter stupidity of Adam and the eventual murder of Abel.

God Decides To Create New Species

God continued to dearly love his angels but decided to create a being in His image. A discussion pertaining to this matter ensued between God and Lucifer (missing portions of parchment leave this historic exchange and voids in timeline). God gave audience to Lucifer in this regard but did not alter His decision to follow through with His plan. (Lucifer Chronicles Eve Creation)

Angels Not In Image Of God?

A question which is not all alluded to at all in the early text pertains to the physical appearance of angels. God reveals His plan to create a species in His image. This rather mysterious statement seems to indicate that angels were not formed in His image. It is already known that angels do not possess souls per se as humans. Angels are immortal nonetheless. Good angels in Heaven. Evil angels in Hell. The latter are more commonly referred to as demons. (Lucifer Chronicles Eve Creation)

Abel Only First Of Many Murder Victims

Lucifer was able to manipulate the mind of Cain by turning jealously into a murderous jealous rage. Cain seemed to hate his brother from birth. Cain was jealous that he was no longer an only child. The older brother was irate whenever Abel was praised for anything. Cain was particularly incensed when God chose the cheerily given sacifices of his younger brother over his. This jealously eventually led to the first murder. The killer then blatantly lied to God about the deed. Perhaps Lucifer was right about mankind all along!

LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Lucifer Not Adam Was Cain Father

Eve Adultry Resulted In Birth Of First Murderer Cain

Adam did something to curse all humanity but he did not sire Cain who became the first murderer in history. Angel of light Lucifer was the father of Cain as he persuaded Eve to be sexually active with him once Adam and Eve were banished forever from the Garden of Eden. Lucifer and Eve were intimate before the banishment but Eve was as pre puberty prior to ingesting the properties of the forbidden fruit. God was waiting for the propr moment to present the fruit to both Adam and Eve but the female lacked the patience to wait.

Adam Creation Was Pure While That Of Eve Was Not

The DNA necessary for Cain to have mercilessly murdered his brother Able could not have come from Adam who was personally created by God. The Eve creation was the exclusive idea of God as Adam did not request such a creation. Lucifer actually spurred God by complaining the lack of a helpmate for Adam while animals shared life with helpmates. It was apparent that Lucifer was very influential but that Adam was able to overcome that temptation. Lucifer told God he was selfish to have Adam to himself with no helpmate. Adam not consulted.

Lucifer Gets To Know Eve

Biblical scholars have long debated why Lucifer had such sway over Eve. The reason was that he was her lover. Lucifer knew full well the powers of the pleasures of the flesh. He utilized that knowledge to its fullest. Eve was liken to a pre-puberty girl because chemicals necessary for her to experience complete sexual fulfillment were only available in the forbidden fruit. The only fruit God strictly forbade Adam and Eve to consume. God was going to present the fruit to them Himself for their consumption. In His time! (Lucifer Chronicles Eve Original Betrayer)

Lucifer Temptation Finally Breaks Eve Down

Eve tremendously enjoyed her sexual relationship with Lucifer but was continually told that only knowledge obtained from the forbidden fruit could release the maximum in her sexual satisfaction. It is unclear from missing portions of the text whether or not Adam and Eve were sexually active together. Comments seem to indicate that the two had the mentality of pre-teenage children instead of adults. (Lucier Chronicles Eve Original Betrayer)

Mankind Descended From Impure DNA Of Cain Not Purer Able DNA

Adultry has its consequences! Eve gave birth to Cain who was the son of Lucifer as evidenced by his inner barbaric traits. Able was the son of Adam as evidenced by his gentler angelic type demeanor. Men descended from the seed of Able would have been of exceptional quality and honor. Man instead descended from murderous Cain as evidenced by the complete total worthlessness of humanity. Eve is not the only wife to have sexual relations with other men other than her husband but she was the first. Her action affected all humans thereafter!

Would Cain Death Have Been Kinder For Humanity?

God could have taken the life of Cain after he murdered his brother then blatantly lied about doing so. Such an action would have been fully justified and improved the genetric stock of man. But then there would have been no Enoch. I have a lot of respect for Enoch. Cain may be the only human who lied in the physical presence of God who was not destroyed instantly. God marked Cain when he went into the land of Nod to take a female so that fallen angels would not kill him. Angels who followed Lucifer would not murder his offspring. Would they?

LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Cain Wife Mystery Solved

Mystery Of Wife Of Cain Finally Solved

Men have pondered for ages the mysterious origin of the wife of Cain. All that is known of her is that Cain located her in Nod once he was banished forevermore after the cold blooded murder of his younger brother Abel. Approved Bible records do not even hint at her origin. Passages not suppressed by man told of Adam then Eve then Cain then Abel. So where exactly did the wife of Cain originate since the Bible only officially accounted for four humans? The overlooked answer is that the wife of Cain was not human.

Answer To Origin Actually In Another Part Of Bible

The origin of this mystery figure goes all the way back to the unrest between God and Lucifer. Once Lucifer and his minions were defeated in their efforts to take over Heaven because of man then God exiled his former beloved angel plus all his followers to Earth. These fallen angels would have murdered Cain once he entered Nod due to the infinite hatred Lucifer plus all fallen angels have for humans. Lucifer blames man for the division which occurred between he and God. Lucifer sees man for the worthless being he actually is.

Angels Lack Ability To Multiply Among Themselves

God created a finite number of angels in the beginning. Angels were unable to multiply among themselves as humans and higher forms of animals (I know, it was intentional) are able to do. Angels do possess the ability to impregnate humans to produce hybrid offsprings. This fact was recorded in another part of the Bible when angels descended to have sexual liasons with human females. It is generally accepted that Goliath was the result of such a union. Which brings us back to the first murderer!

Humans Would Not Have Survived Among Fallen Angels

Cain knew once outside the protection of God that he would be killed. God knew this too. God placed a mark of protection upon Cain which served as a shield around him. Since there were no other humans except for his parents this protection was expressly against the minions of Lucifer. Why were Adam and Eve not slaughtered? Even though they disobeyed God and were exiled forever from paradise the rule from the Garden of Eden preventing any angel from doing them physical harm remained in effect. Even Lucifer was forbidden to take their lives!

Fallen Angel In Human Form Bears Offspring

Even though a fallen angel can take the form of a human female an angel cannot become impreganted by another angel. Angels to humans? Yes. Angels to angels? No. Humans to angels? Yes. The seed of Cain was required in order to initiate the reproductive process. Cain was father to many. Each human is descended not only from God but to a certain extent from Lucifer. That is why all the positive emotions of man are evened out or even overcome by the negative emotions. Enoch was one of the favorites of God. This man was the son of Cain.

Murderer Actually Received Life Sentence

Even though Cain got away with the first murder during his life he was forced to live among fallen angels who despised and hated him. Cain knew they would snuff out his life at the first opportunity were it not for the protective mark provided to him by God. It is probably a fact that the wife of Cain detested him. Why bear him children? For the glory of Lucifer of course. Every child produced from the union had parts of Adam, Eve, Cain, Lucifer and the wife of Cain within. Offspring of Abel would have been saints but Lucifer averted that problem through Cain.