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LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Eve Creation Not Adam Request

Funds Required For Research And Translation

Historically significant parchment scrolls were recently discovered in Sedah-Lleh, Ytinrete by nomadic Ytinretes. The aged parchment scrolls were discovered deep in the bowels of a cave which was struck by a cave-in prior to the removal of all vessels containing scrolls. Efforts to reach the room within the cave have all met with failure.

Historical Documents Offer Another Perspective

These scrolls certainly appear to provide an insightful perspective of Biblical events through the eyes of Lucifer. Christians prefer to utilize the name Satan because they believe Lucifer forfeited his God-given name when he attempted to take over Heaven.

New Scrolls Unearthed In Lehl-Sedah'Lanrete

Vessels containing similiar historic scrolls were discovered in the deep bowels of a cave in Lehl-Sedah'Lanrete which is several thousand kilometers south of Sedah-Lleh Ytinrete. The cave has apparently been undisturbed for centuries. All vessels containing scrolls were removed.

Parchments Have Sustained Considerable Age Damage

Translation is a difficult task because many of the parchments have eroded through the passage of time. Missing or damaged portions of the historical documents made completely reliable translations extremely difficult. There are areas of parchment which have been eaten away.

Scramble On To Authenticate Scrolls

Members of the scientific community, scholars and Indiana Jones wannabes are in the process of utilizing any means or authenticate or refute the scroll findings. The scrolls buried at the original discovery site will probably never be recovered. That will leave void once scrolls are deciphered.

Hoax Claims Without Merit

Skeptics who have cried hoax do not have all the facts. These vessels containing parchment scrolls were discovered deep in the bowels of caves by nomadic travelers. The discoverers had no concept of what they had stumbled upon. These priceless historical documents were bartered for food goods and liquid.

No Background For This Discovery

There is no record, Biblical or otherwise, which accounts for these mysterious parchment scrools. The Bible was inspired by God. Were these writings inspired by one at the other end of the spectrum? That is the question. Answers will not be forthcoming without exhaustive research and many sleepless nights.

Scrolls Have Already Taken A Hit

Six nomads who attempted to enter the original cave following a cave-in lost their lives. Only minimal efforts to gain entrance to that cave chamber continued after those fatalitires. It is strange but true that motorized evacuation equipment is usually at the cave site. Machinery simply shuts down near the site but operates fine elsewhere.

Translation Initiatives Presently Underway

There is a non-stop initiative underway to decipher the historic scrolls. Experts and non-experts alike are joining forces in an effort to translate the parchments so that all races will have unlimited access to them. The work is exhaustive as well as tedious. Missing portions plus partial pieces of aged parchment make the task more problematic.

Angels By Any Other Name

It should be noted that Lucifer was the favorite angel of God. Lucifer and the angels were with God long before the first breath of life was ever breathed into Adam by God. Angels beside God are angels. Angels beside Lucifer are now demons. Angels are still powerful.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Humans are mistaken to believe that Lucifer skulks around with horns and a long tail. His physical appearance has never changed. Remember, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel created by God. The favorite of God. When it comes to angels that certainly means an awful lot.

Fall From Heaven To Hell

Lucifer is name given to Satan. This usage stems from a particular interpretation. A fallen angel. The Bible speaks of someone who is given the name of Day Star (Morning Star) as fallen from heaven. The word is used of the morning star and elsewhere with no relation to Satan. Satan is called Lucifer in many writings later than the Bible.

Lucifer Brightest Of All Angels

Lucifer means Light-Bringer and Morning Star. Lucifer came to be used for Satan. Popularized in works such as Dante's Inferno and Paradise Lost, The greatest influence has been its use in the King James Version.

Lucifer Favorite Of God

There is no question that Lucifer was the brighest, most beautiful and favorite angel of God. It is beyond comprehension of the human mind how long the two shared fellowship before problems began. Early indications of scroll translations provide a different perspective of commonly accepted events. A major one involves the conflict start.

Decision Of God Causes Lucifer Consternation

God decided to create a being (man) in his own image. The scrolls indicate that the creation was to occur in Heaven. Lucifer objected passionately to the idea. It was his apparently justifiable contention that the creation would only contaminate and sully the paradise which was known as Heaven. God refused to relent even though he always paid heed when Lucifer spoke to Him.

Garden Of Eden Was A Compromise

Lucifer was not able to sway God enough to forsake the creation but he did gain a compromise of sorts. He said the creation would be a disappointment and flawed. Lucifer talked God into creating a special place for the creation which became known as the Garden of Eden. It will never be located physically because it was not on the surface of Earth.

God Wanted Compansionship Of His Own

First there was God. He is the Creator of all. Everything. God created all and it was good. Unfortunately, God was apparently alone (missing portions of parchment leave voids in timeline). God decided to create a race of helpers. No, these were more than helpers. They were His children, friends and loved ones . They were called angels.

Finite Number Of Angels Remain Mystery

God created a finite number of angels. That number remains unknown. If a parent truly has a favorite child then Lucifer was the favorite of God. Lucifer was the brightest and most beautiful angel of them all. His name even translates into light. God and His angels enjoyed fellowship for a time span which cannot be measured by human standards.

God Decides To Create New Species

God continued to dearly love his angels but decided to create a being in His image. A discussion pertaining to this matter ensued between God and Lucifer (missing portions of parchment leave this historic exchange and voids in timeline). God gave audience to Lucifer in this regard but did not alter His decision to follow through with His plan.

Angels Not In Image Of God?

A question which is not all alluded to at all in the early text pertains to the physical appearance of angels. God reveals His plan to create a species in His image. This rather mysterious statement seems to indicate that angels were not formed in His image. It is already known that angels do not possess souls per se as humans. Angels are immortal nonetheless. Good angels in Heaven. Evil angels in Hell. The latter are more commonly referred to as demons.

Lucifer Earns Creation Compromise

God was determined in his decision to create a new species. Lucifer argued passionately against the concept but knew God would not change his mind. Original creation was planned to occur in Heaven so that species could fellowship with God and angels. Lucifer persuaded God to change creation site to alternate location which became known as Garden of Eden.

Garden Of Eden Not Earthly Location

Humans have searched unsuccessfully for the Garden of Eden since man has populated the planet. The site will never be found because it was not on Earth. It is here that the scrolls have take a major hit. Pages and pages have deteriorated to the point of being unreadable. Whatever the secret of the Garden of Eden will remain a secret. At least for now.

Last Ditch Lucifer Plea Unsuccessful

Lucifer implored God in one final desperate passionate argument not to create the new species. God listened intently and was understanding but decided to follow through with his original plan. The only major change, a compromise for the sake of Lucifer, was that the creation would occur in the Garden of Eden and not in Heaven.

Lucifer Proclaims Worthlessness Of Creation

Lucifer utilized every opportunity to loudly proclaim the perfectness of Heaven and the fellowship enjoyed between God and the angels. It is puzzling to note that in early text translations there is no mention of the Holy Ghost or Jesus. The accepted Holy Trinity is, of course, the Father (God), Son (Jesus) and Holy Ghost. Creation was a division between God and Lucifer which would attain historic significance.

Not Worthy Of Heaven Nor Life

Lucifer not only believed a new creation was unworthy of inhabiting Heaven with God and the angels but unworthy of life entirely. It is also clear that Lucifer was aware that once the creation came into being a soul would thus be created. Thus providing the creation with eternal life. The same eternal life which immortal God bestowed on His angels. Major portions of parchment lost forever to age leave unfortunate gaps in this intriguing scenario.

God Breathes Life Into Adam

When time for the creation was right Lucifer and the angels looked down on God as He breathed life into Adam in the Garden of Eden. Other angels noticed the intense look of hatred and utter disdain on the face of Lucifer as Adam took his first breath. Lucifer said a word as he hurridly departed from the scene which the parchment reads as XAIAYN. All translation efforts have proven unsuccesfully. If God heard the comment it is not recorded in the available texts. It was at this point that Archangel Michael openly wept.

God Protects His Creation

God instructed all the angels not to physically harm Adam in any way. The angels were not to have physical contact with Adam. It is not clear whether non-physical contact was also prohibited. A discussion ensued between God and Lucifer which is unknown due to heavily damaged parchment. It is known that Lucifer alone was allowed physical access to Adam but the rule prohibiting any physical harm remained in effect. Even for the favorite angel of God.

Adam Proves Incorruptible

Lucifer tempted Adam for a passage of time which could have stretched over centuries or even eons. No number is ever recorded. However, Adam remained steadfast in his undying devotion to God. Lucifer grew to realize that God is perfect and that Adam was a perfect creation of God. If Adam could not be corrupted then there had to be another way to prove his worthlessness in the sight of God. That other way was the become evident during another discussion Lucifer had with God.

Desperate Gamble Pays Off

Lucifer knew that all his attempts to sway Adam to betray God had failed miserably. He also knew Adam was a perfect creation of God and would remain loyal and steadfast. Adam was content to fellowship with God until the time God chose to open Heaven up to him. That was something Lucifer simply could not allow to occur. No matter what the cost! So Lucifer had another conference with God to discuss the situation.

Animals Have Mates But Not Adam

Lucifer pointed out to God that all His creations had mates. He explained that Adam watched as the males and females of the animal kingdom shared their lives with each other. Lucifer said it was unfair of God to monopolize Adam for himself at the expense of his lack of a mate. Lucifer contended that the creation of a mate for Adam would only enhance his relationship with God.

Eve Creation Beginning Of The End For Mankind

Large portions of the text at this point are damaged beyond reading. It can only be assumed that the passages deal with the reasons God opted to create Eve utilizing a portion of the bone of Adam instead of creating her from the dust as He had Adam. God first placed Adam in a deep sleep in order to remove one of his ribs. Eve was created from that rib.

Lucifer Capitalizes On Slimmest Of Openings

Lucifer and the angels were given the same rules by God regarding Eve as those in force for Adam. Lucifer was the only angel able to physically interact with the two Garden of Eden inhabitants. The creation of Eve would provide just enough leverage for Lucifer to block Adam and Eve from the home in Heaven envisioned to them by God. Pleasures of the flesh last a season. They doomed mankind for eternity.

Lucifer Gets To Know Eve

Biblical scholars have long debated why Lucifer had such sway over Eve. The reason was that he was her lover. Lucifer knew full well the powers of the pleasures of the flesh. He utilized that knowledge to its fullest. Eve was liken to a pre-puberty girl because chemicals necessary for her to experience complete sexual fulfillment were only available in the forbidden fruit. The only fruit God strictly forbade Adam and Eve to consume. God was going to present the fruit to them Himself for their consumption. In His time!

Lucifer Temptation Finally Breaks Eve Down

Eve tremendously enjoyed her sexual relationship with Lucifer but was continually told that only knowledge obtained from the forbidden fruit could release the maximum in her sexual satisfaction. It is unclear from missing portions of the text whether or not Adam and Eve were sexually active together. Comments seem to indicate that the two had the mentality of pre-teenage children instead of adults.

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