Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UNEXPLAINED: Swamp Ape No Relation To DC Swamp Thing

Georgia Has Its Own Mysterious Primate

Former University of Georgia of Athens student Jason Leathers of Lawrenceville and his companions were moving quietly along a path on Skidaway Island in October 1994 looking for wood storks when they heard the bushes rustling. They saw a black hairy body. Leather motioned for his friend to stop since he did not want to surprise a bear. It stood up on its hind legs. They could not see the front of it. Then it took off running and dove into the water. The figure was bipedal and stood close to seven feet tall. Those who saw it are convinced it was not a bear. This encounter with what some people might call the Swamp Ape.

Two Boys See More Than They Want To

In August 1999 two young boys observed a towering hair-covered figure standing in a wooded area of Morgan County near sundown. They said it was definitely not a bear. The creature had a flat face more akin to an ape rather than the snout and face of a bear. They believe they encountered an animal that has been popularly branded as Bigfoot.

Country Road Detour Leads To Bizarre Encounter

In August 2000 south in Putnam County two women had taken a wrong turn on a dark country road when they saw something. They made a wrong turn and were slowly driving on Blue Fill Road with her windows down. That is when she saw the creature about six feet away. The thing was huge. It was really tall and its head looked like it went right down \into its shoulders. It did not have any kind of neck, Its arms were larger than normal and kind of thick. It scared the two women terribly.

Does Bigfoot Have Relative In Georgia?

Reports have come in from Georgia counties including Walker, Bartow, Lumpkin, Rabun, Sumter, Tattnall and Charlton. A few scientists in the academic field of wildlife biology and anthropology have publicly said the issue warrants serious study but their peers scoff at the mention of an unknown primate surviving in the forests of America. Proponents cite that it is nocturnal, intelligent and physically powerful possessing keen senses of sight, smell and hearing, all of which help it avoid humans. Some assert it may consider man a natural enemy.

Swamp Ape Leaves Unusual Footprint

The Swamp Ape footprint was cast in 1997 by Pike County Deputy James Akin. It was found along Elkins Creek which flows into the Flint River. The cast is 17.5 inches long and 8.5 inches wide and was made after a man and his wife reported strange happenings in the woods around their rural Pike County home. What made the cast unique is that it picked up dermal ridges left in the muddy print. . Dermal ridges are the patterns that make up fingerprints often used by police to identify people because each print is unique. They are found on hands and feel.

Swamp Ape Fueled By Need To Believe?

An explanation often put forth is that humans have some kind of inborn need to imagine monsters. There is no evidence for that . No person in the world who has carefully examined the evidence comes away believing there is nothing to the phenomenon. Either there is about as fascinating an unknown animal as you can find or else there is some absolutely bizarre human conduct manufacturing the evidence. This has been going on throughout history.

Swamp Ape Travels Super Information Highway

With the advent of the Internet information on Bigfoot sightings has increased. The Internet has several sites that seem to log Bigfoot reports. More old reports are filed with Internet sites than reports of new sightings. It is a great relief to witnesses. For a lot of people this is quite a cross to bear. They know it is real but nobody will treat them with anything but ridicule. It is a rough situation to be in. Some Bigfoot researchers believe an answer to the mystery will soon arrive.

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