Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UNEXPLAINED: Death One Appointment Not Missed

Death Never Takes A Holiday

It is said that death and taxes are the only constants in this pitiful world. The total extermination of all corrupt politicians everywhere would take care of the latter. No form of action will take care of the former. Death is a forever constant. It is an appointment every human being will have to keep. Barring, of course, divine intervention!

Not Even Time Travel Helps

If someone is informed when they are going to die, say, for sake of argument, the upcoming Thursday at 7:44 pm, then what could be done? Absolutely nothing could be done to cheat death! If the manner of death was revealed that could be changed but not the determined date or precise hour of that demise. How so? Please listen carefully.

Shooting Death Would Take Another Form

If the intended victim of a violent shooting death remained far and away from the crime scene then the fatal shooting would not occur. The appointment, however, would be promptly kept at 7:44 pm. If the individual is locked in an empty room then death would come in form of heart attack, stroke or other natural cause. Death is never cheated!

Past Cannot Be Significantly Altered

Perhaps I have seen too many episodes of Twilight Zone but I truly believe major events of the past simply cannot be altered. Not by a time traveler. Not by anyone! Time anomalies can occur in small ways but significant episodes in time stream must remain intact! A family pet may expire in pre-World War II Germany but not Adolph Hitler.

Argument Against Multiple Universes

Quantum scientists argue in favor of multiple universes. Very difficult to accept. Much easier to theorize are subtle time changes which are not reflected in historical books or other documents. How would humanity know? Humanity would never know! Once the subtle time alterations are accomplished they are in the human consciousness! From that point on or until another time slip occurs.

Time Travel In Simplest Form

Time flows like a river. Time is not unmoving like a brick wall. Visualize a flowing river of crystal clear water. Enter the river then swim upstream then exit. Past of river left for future. Enter the river then swim downstream then exit. Past of river left for even older past. Still unclear about the whole situation? Then blame by buddy Orthon. He explained it to me!

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