Monday, December 12, 2011

Bigfoot Hoax Perpetrators Should Be Executed

Original Motivation For Hoax

The original motivation for the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax was the attempt by Deputy Sheriff Matt Whitton and used car salesman Rick Dyer to offer expeditions. Bigfoot expeditions looked like a great business to them because BFRO expeditions often sell out months in advance. They saw an opportunity to attract the people who did not sign up for the trips in time.

Same Motivation Was Utilized Previously

This same motivation was shared by the infamous hoaxer Carmine (Tom) Biscardi. Years before this hoax Biscardi had started a company called the Great American Bigfoot Field Research Organization in a blatant attempt to confuse people who had heard about expeditions. Biscardi, a former Las Vegas promoter, eventually changed the name of his business entity to Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.

Public Not Fooled By Expedition Scam

Even with a relentless touring publicity campaign to advertise his expeditions no one signed up. As his money started to run out he became increasingly desperate for media attention. He saw the potential in the Georgia Bigfoot body story for a lot of free publicity and a marketing scam to sell phony photos through his web site, so he jumped in to advise and partner with the Georgia boys, using his Vegas-honed silver tongue and media deception skills to bring live television coverage to his bizarre, self-promotions in Palo Alto.

Infamous YouTube Videos By Georgia Boys

In the process of trying to draw attention to their phony expedition business, the Georgia boys noticed that some incredulous critics suddenly became extremely polite, and even helpful, when the boys began claiming that they had in their possession the body of a dead Bigfoot. That particular lie struck a curious chord in many people as if the boys claimed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary.

Dead Bigfoot Falsehood Strikes Public Chord

There is some power in the dead Bigfoot lie. It touched a nerve in some -- a nerve that makes them both fearful and hopeful at the same time. The Georgia boys saw this happening so they began promoting the dead Bigfoot lie with full force. The fact that Whitton was a deputy sheriff is ultimately what made the hoax go as far as it did. Most people, including those in the media, assumed that a deputy sheriff would not put his reputation and career on the line by promoting a hoax that was bound to unravel in disgrace.

Corrupt Lawmen Not Exclusive To Georgia Alone

It did not make sense so the Georgia boys were given the benefit of the doubt by the world media. When Biscardi stepped into the picture he convinced the two Georgia boys that there was a way for everyone involved, including Steve Kulls, to make a lot of money quickly. He convinced them that they had nothing to worry about and they would all make out like bandits before the hoax finally unravelled.

True Justice Served For Disgraced Georgia Lawman

The two Georgia boys did make a few thousand dollars from the hoax but the deputy sheriff fittingly lost his career in disgrace. His partner and motivator, Rick Dyer, lost nothing in the process because he had no career to lose in the first place. He was living hand-to-mouth as a self-employed used car dealer. Biscardi hoped to make a windfall before the hoax unravelled but it appears now that he made very little from the hoax and is now destitute.

BFRO Debunks Hoax And Identifies Costume

The BFRO had been tracking the antics of the Georgia boys several weeks prior to the press conference. We tried to warn everyone of the impending hoax a full week prior to the press conference after it was learned that the Georgia boys joined forces with veteran hoaxer Biscardi. Based on his past tactics we knew that Biscardi would shoot for maximum publicity and would come up with a scheme to make a windfall of money from the intense curiousity on the Internet generated by the media publicity.

Dead Bigfoot No More Than Halloween Costume Stuffed In Cooler

The BFRO first announced, two days prior to the press conference, that the Bigfoot body was a widely available Halloween costume stuffed into a large cooler and filled with rotting animal entrails.

Confusion With Legitimate Bigfoot Researchers

At this stage everyone in the Bigfoot research community would like nothing more than to wisk this hoax into the dust bin of history. Unfortunately we have to keep this page available and prominent a while. Because, unfortunately, many people who heard about the hoax were only listening with half an ear or heard distorted details from other people.

Confusion Causes Many Folks To Misplace Blame

In several instances people mistakenly assumed the BFRO was the group that said they had a dead Bigfoot rather than the ones who debunked it. In one example, a misinformed person assumed that the man who held the press conference must be that professor from Idaho. No, wrong guy, and wrong organization. It's a shame that we have to straighten that out with people, because it means we will be straightenning it out for a long time into the future. The self-described real Bigfoot hunter was the notorious charlatan and scam-artist Carmine (Tom) Biscardi, a former Las Vegas promoter.

New Form Of Punishment

An interesting consequence of this hoax was the creation of a new form of public punishment/humiliation for those who use the Internet, particularly YouTube, to promote fraud schemes -- the permanent documentation of the scam. A very clever person saved and re-posted on YouTube the same videos which they tried to removed from YouTube prior to their big press conference.

Video Proof Of Nauseating Hoax Remains For All To View

These YouTube videos will haunt the Georgia boys, Biscardi and Kulls for the rest of their lives. It will prevent them from obtaining positions of trust and responsibility in the future. More importantly, it will prevent them from perpetrating more hoax-scams.

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