Monday, December 12, 2011

Flight 19 Disappearance Still Unexplained

This Aerial Mystery Defies All Skeptic Explanations

Flight 19 is the most famous aviation mystery in history. It is the disappearance in peacetime of an entire squadron of five United States Navy torpedo bombers and their crews while flying a routine training mission off Florida on December 5, 1945.

Were Planes And Crew Swallowed Up By Bermuda Triangle?

The disappearance of Flight 19 was key in the development of the mythology of the Bermuda Triangle. It has been the subject of only one book to date. That volume attempted to debunk the entire incident. The poorly thought out and organized attempt to explain the unexplainable was both a journalistic and commercial failure.

Find Turns Out To Be Totally Without Substance

In May 1991 undersea cameras ghosted over five TBM Avenger wrecks 10 miles off Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This caused a worldwide media blitz that took more than a month to subside when the planes were proven to be five other aircraft. The sea still refused to relinquish the Avengers. This discovery not only reflected the popularity of the subject but also reflected the general ignorance on the actual facts of the famous Lost Patrol.

More Questions Surface As Case Draws Closer Examination

For well over half a century people have either thought that the planes merely vanished far out to sea in some storm or were sensationally carried off by the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle. The story of Flight 19 is a convoluted tale of coverup, intrigue, sensationalism and incredible irony.

Chilling Transmissions Convey Fear Of Pilots

The voice of the flight leader was picked up for over three hours. He did not know which way lay the peninsula of Florida. Another pilot took over and headed the flight in the right direction. Yet still it did not get back. There are many things that remain unexplainable in this drama.

Possible Scenarios Abound In Disappearance

Did a crew member survive Flight 19 for a short while only to be seconded to a naval hospital where he eventually died then was laid to rest in silence and total secrecy? A disturbing enigmatic telegram was sent one family claiming to be from their loved one. The Navy would never comment on it. What else is new?

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