Monday, December 12, 2011

Jack The Ripper Truth Will Never Be Revealed

Masonic Coverup Not Behind Whitechapel Killer

Any Masonic Involvement Purely Circumstantial

Every allegation of Masonic involvement in the Ripper murders is based entirely on a story that Stephen Knight claims he was told by Joseph Sickert. It was a hoax. I made it all up. It was a whopping fib and pure invention came directly from Sickert himself. All the evidence confirms this. Those parts of the story which can be tested have been shown to be untrue.

Masonic Defenders Demand Evidence

Donald Rumbelow is one of the most respected researchers of the Ripper murders. Commenting on the book book that identifies the murders as a Masonic conspiracy, he asked: ‘Where's the evidence? The answer, of course, is that there isn't any evidence. The book becomes more and more frustrating as one searches for hard facts. Whichever way you look, there is not a shred of evidence to back up Knight's theory.

Masonic Rituals Not Mirrored In Mutilations

Those who are familiar with Masonic ritual know that the mutilations of the Ripper murder victims do not reflect any Masonic practices, rules, ritual or ceremonies. Any seeming similarity is only slight, inaccurate and circumstantial. Neither rings nor coins were removed from any of the murder victims. Knight said Masonic penalties mention having the heart removed and thrown over the left shoulder. He admits it was the intestines, not heart, that were placed over some of the right shoulders of victims.

Mystery Message Has No Masonic Connection

Whatever was meant by the Juwes message found on a wall near one of the murder scenes, that term has never been used in Masonic ritual or ceremonies and the story of the three ruffians had been removed from Masonic ritual in England 70 years before the Ripper murders took place. The erasure of the Juwes message near a murder site could have been a well-meaning attempt to prevent anti-Semitic mob violence against innocent people since some were already thinking of blaming Jewish immigrants for these murders..

Dates All Wrong For Baby Birth

The baby girl said to have been the child of Prince Eddy was born on April 18, 1885 so she had to have been conceived during a time when Prince Eddy was in Germany, while Annie Crook, the alleged mother, was in London. The story said that Eddy and Annie met in 1888 in the Walter Sickert studio. That building was demolished in 1886 and a hospital was built on the site in 1887.

Another Major Player Was In His 70s

Dr. Gull is supposed to have been the key man in the Ripper murders. He was 72 at the time and had already suffered one heart attack and a possible stroke. Yet he is alleged to have brutally murdered five young and reasonably strong women in a carriage on public streets and discarded and mutilated their bodies in public areas all without anything being seen or heard by the large number of Londoners who were looking and hoping to catch Jack the Ripper.

Lack Of Evidence Weighs Heavily In Masonic Favor

There is not a single piece of solid historical evidence to support claims of Masonic involvement in the Ripper murders, a theme central to several books and films, including From Hell, the recent graphic novel and film by the same tile. There is considerable evidence refuting these allegations. Armed with the facts, Masons should have no difficulty responding to alleged Masonic connections to the Jack the Ripper crimes.

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