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LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Cain Wife Mystery Solved

Mystery Of Wife Of Cain Finally Solved

Men have pondered for ages the mysterious origin of the wife of Cain. All that is known of her is that Cain located her in Nod once he was banished forevermore after the cold blooded murder of his younger brother Abel. Approved Bible records do not even hint at her origin. Passages not suppressed by man told of Adam then Eve then Cain then Abel. So where exactly did the wife of Cain originate since the Bible only officially accounted for four humans? The overlooked answer is that the wife of Cain was not human.

Answer To Origin Actually In Another Part Of Bible

The origin of this mystery figure goes all the way back to the unrest between God and Lucifer. Once Lucifer and his minions were defeated in their efforts to take over Heaven because of man then God exiled his former beloved angel plus all his followers to Earth. These fallen angels would have murdered Cain once he entered Nod due to the infinite hatred Lucifer plus all fallen angels have for humans. Lucifer blames man for the division which occurred between he and God. Lucifer sees man for the worthless being he actually is.

Angels Lack Ability To Multiply Among Themselves

God created a finite number of angels in the beginning. Angels were unable to multiply among themselves as humans and higher forms of animals (I know, it was intentional) are able to do. Angels do possess the ability to impregnate humans to produce hybrid offsprings. This fact was recorded in another part of the Bible when angels descended to have sexual liasons with human females. It is generally accepted that Goliath was the result of such a union. Which brings us back to the first murderer!

Humans Would Not Have Survived Among Fallen Angels

Cain knew once outside the protection of God that he would be killed. God knew this too. God placed a mark of protection upon Cain which served as a shield around him. Since there were no other humans except for his parents this protection was expressly against the minions of Lucifer. Why were Adam and Eve not slaughtered? Even though they disobeyed God and were exiled forever from paradise the rule from the Garden of Eden preventing any angel from doing them physical harm remained in effect. Even Lucifer was forbidden to take their lives!

Fallen Angel In Human Form Bears Offspring

Even though a fallen angel can take the form of a human female an angel cannot become impreganted by another angel. Angels to humans? Yes. Angels to angels? No. Humans to angels? Yes. The seed of Cain was required in order to initiate the reproductive process. Cain was father to many. Each human is descended not only from God but to a certain extent from Lucifer. That is why all the positive emotions of man are evened out or even overcome by the negative emotions. Enoch was one of the favorites of God. This man was the son of Cain.

Murderer Actually Received Life Sentence

Even though Cain got away with the first murder during his life he was forced to live among fallen angels who despised and hated him. Cain knew they would snuff out his life at the first opportunity were it not for the protective mark provided to him by God. It is probably a fact that the wife of Cain detested him. Why bear him children? For the glory of Lucifer of course. Every child produced from the union had parts of Adam, Eve, Cain, Lucifer and the wife of Cain within. Offspring of Abel would have been saints but Lucifer averted that problem through Cain.

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