Sunday, December 11, 2011

LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Lucifer Not Adam Was Cain Father

Eve Adultry Resulted In Birth Of First Murderer Cain

Adam did something to curse all humanity but he did not sire Cain who became the first murderer in history. Angel of light Lucifer was the father of Cain as he persuaded Eve to be sexually active with him once Adam and Eve were banished forever from the Garden of Eden. Lucifer and Eve were intimate before the banishment but Eve was as pre puberty prior to ingesting the properties of the forbidden fruit. God was waiting for the propr moment to present the fruit to both Adam and Eve but the female lacked the patience to wait.

Adam Creation Was Pure While That Of Eve Was Not

The DNA necessary for Cain to have mercilessly murdered his brother Able could not have come from Adam who was personally created by God. The Eve creation was the exclusive idea of God as Adam did not request such a creation. Lucifer actually spurred God by complaining the lack of a helpmate for Adam while animals shared life with helpmates. It was apparent that Lucifer was very influential but that Adam was able to overcome that temptation. Lucifer told God he was selfish to have Adam to himself with no helpmate. Adam not consulted.

Lucifer Gets To Know Eve

Biblical scholars have long debated why Lucifer had such sway over Eve. The reason was that he was her lover. Lucifer knew full well the powers of the pleasures of the flesh. He utilized that knowledge to its fullest. Eve was liken to a pre-puberty girl because chemicals necessary for her to experience complete sexual fulfillment were only available in the forbidden fruit. The only fruit God strictly forbade Adam and Eve to consume. God was going to present the fruit to them Himself for their consumption. In His time! (Lucifer Chronicles Eve Original Betrayer)

Lucifer Temptation Finally Breaks Eve Down

Eve tremendously enjoyed her sexual relationship with Lucifer but was continually told that only knowledge obtained from the forbidden fruit could release the maximum in her sexual satisfaction. It is unclear from missing portions of the text whether or not Adam and Eve were sexually active together. Comments seem to indicate that the two had the mentality of pre-teenage children instead of adults. (Lucier Chronicles Eve Original Betrayer)

Mankind Descended From Impure DNA Of Cain Not Purer Able DNA

Adultry has its consequences! Eve gave birth to Cain who was the son of Lucifer as evidenced by his inner barbaric traits. Able was the son of Adam as evidenced by his gentler angelic type demeanor. Men descended from the seed of Able would have been of exceptional quality and honor. Man instead descended from murderous Cain as evidenced by the complete total worthlessness of humanity. Eve is not the only wife to have sexual relations with other men other than her husband but she was the first. Her action affected all humans thereafter!

Would Cain Death Have Been Kinder For Humanity?

God could have taken the life of Cain after he murdered his brother then blatantly lied about doing so. Such an action would have been fully justified and improved the genetric stock of man. But then there would have been no Enoch. I have a lot of respect for Enoch. Cain may be the only human who lied in the physical presence of God who was not destroyed instantly. God marked Cain when he went into the land of Nod to take a female so that fallen angels would not kill him. Angels who followed Lucifer would not murder his offspring. Would they?

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