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Indications Point To Eve As First Adultress

Adam was a pure creation of God. Lucifer could not corrupt him. The king of all fallen angels spent an unspecified amount of time hammering away at the first human being. All of his promises, threats and beguiling ways fell on deaf ears. Adam was loyal to his creator and would continue to be loyal to his creator. It is not known the amount of time involved. It could have been hundreds or even thousand of years. Lucifer is not only the most beautiful of all the angels but the most intelligent. He set plans in motion to lower Adam in the eyes of God.

Another Human Required To Pave Way For Downfall

Lucifer basically used a creation of God to his own advantage. He told God that He was being selfish and unfair to His new creation. Lucifer pointed out that every animal creation of God was given a female to share life with. Adam was alone except for his interaction with God. Lucifer pled his case that Adam deserved a female of his own species to dispell times of loneliness when God was not physically present. Adam was originally to have been created in Heaven but a hard negotiated Lucifer compromise reulted in Garden Of Eden location instead.

Adam Rib For Eve Creation May Have Been Lucifer Suggestion

Many Biblical scholars have pondered why God did not create Eve in the manner Adam was created. The creation of Eve was not a pure creation as that of Adam. The hands of God crafted Adam from virtual nothingness. Eve came from the rib of Adam. Which technically makes Adam the mother as well as father of humankind. Animals possessed the ability to reproduce. This magical gift was being withheld from Adam and Eve until He deemed them to be ready for that special gift. Both humans were pre puberty specimens.

Consumption Of Forbidden Fruit Led To Downfall

God told Adam that everything was his except for one fruit which was forbidden. Eve also knew it was forbidden to eat this fruit! Lucifer was an angel. Eve was a fraile human. She was no match for the powerful fallen angel. Eve became a physical lover of Lucifer. The first adultress enjoyed the sexual pleasure derived from the act until Lucifer explained to her the sexual satisfaction which would await her once she partook of the fruit. He told her that a bite of the forbidden fruit would awaken that dormant sexualty forevermore.

Lucifer Faces Obstacle In Quest Of Downfall

She was told that God would not kill her. He did not! Lucifer said the forbidden fruit had to be consumed by her and Adam together in order to achieve full sexual release. Eve wanted to partake of the fruit by herself. Lucifer knew both had to consume the fruit as one or God would simply destroy her then provide Adam with another mate. One who might not be so simple to tempt. He knew this was unacceptable! Both had to consume the fruit at the same time. Lucifer was hopeful that God would be so angered that He would destroy both humans!

Reproduction Activation Chemical In Forbidden Fruit

God knew that the activitation chemical in the forbidden fruit would trigger the human reproduction processes. Adam and Eve had sexual relations from the start but reproduction was not posssible. Pre puberty adults engage in sexual actitivy but conception is not possible until puberty! Once both boneheads consumed the fruit then their eyes, minds and bodies were open. They knew they were naked. Lucifer could only laugh hysterically when God confronted the two totally disgraced disobient humans.

Love Of God Disrupts Lucifer Best Laid Plans

God did not follow through with the total destruction envisioned by Lucifer. God simply had too much love for Adam and Eve even though they disobeyed Him. God chose banishment from the Garden of Eden, which is nowhere on Earth, as punishment. Childbirth was the harsh punishment of Eve as the first one to partake of the forbidden fruit. Adam was sentenced to a lifetime of hard work for his transgression. Lucifer continued to have sexual relations with a now completely disgraced Eve. Cain of the result of the interaction between Eve and Lucifer.

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