Saturday, December 17, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Extremely Too Convenient Deaths

Bill Kaysing got in touch with his friend, a private investigator from San Francisco called Paul Jacobs, and asked him to help him with his Apollo anomalies investigations.
Mr. Jacobs agreed to go and see the head of the US Department of Geology in Washington as he was travelling there the following week after his discussion with Mr. Kaysing. He asked the geologist, 'Did you examine the Moon rocks, did they really come from the Moon.?' The geologist just laughed.
Paul flew back from Washington and told Kaysing that the people in high office of the American Government knew of the coverup. Paul Jacobs and his wife died from cancer within 90 days!

Lee Gelvani another friend of Kaysing, says he almost convinced informant James Irwin to confess about the coverup. Irwin was going to ring Kaysing about it, however he died of a heart attack within three days. Is this evidence that a cover-up is in existence?

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