Saturday, December 17, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: USA Bogus Space Program Embraces Nazi Criminals

Another Hard Core Nazi Scientist Given Illegal Refuge In USA

Wernher Braun mentor, Hermann Oberth, also entered the United States after World War II under Operation Paperclip. Born June 25, 1894 in the Transylvanian town of Hermannstadt, Oberth is widely recognised as the founding father of modern rocketry having published the paper in 1923 that was to so inspire Braun, By Rocket into Planetary Space.

Nazi Scientist Was Thinking Of Rocket Science In 1920s

This was followed by a longer version of 429 pages in 1929 that was internationally regarded as a work of tremendous scientific importance. When in his thirties, Oberth took Wernher Braun, who affectionately referred to Oberth as his teacher on as an assistant, and they worked together at Peenemunde developing the V-2 rocket.

Nazi Scientists Given Top Clearance By USA Higher Ups

After entering the USA at the end of the war along with the remaining 100 V-2 rockets and components, Oberth again worked with Braun as the entire Peenemunde team was re-assembled at the White Sands Proving Grounds. Oberth and Braun continued their work and it was a later development of the same V-2 rocket which had inflicted so much damage on Northern Europe that was eventually to propel the first American into space in the Saturn V rocket.

Perhaps Crime Does Pay For Nazi Scientists Anyway

Oberth retired three years after entering the USA and returned to Germany where he headed us the Oberth Commission for the German Government into the mysterious unidentified flying object phenomenon.

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