Saturday, December 17, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Live Moon To Earth Real Time Vid Impossible In 1969

Bill Wood is a highly qualified scientist and has degrees in mathematics, physics and chemistry and a space rocket and propulsion engineer. He has been granted high security clearance for a number of top secret projects and has worked with Macdonald Douglas and engineers who worked on the Saturn 5 rocket (the Apollo launch vehicle).

He worked at Goldstone as a Communications Engineer during the Apollo missions. Goldstone in California were responsible for receiving and distributing the pictures sent from the Apollo to Houston. He says early video machines were used to record the NASA footage here on Earth by the TV networks.

They received the FM carrier signal on Earth ran it through an FM demodulator and processed it in an RCA scan converter that took the slow scan signal and converted it to the US standard black and white TV signal. The film was then sent onto Houston.

When they were converting from slow scan to fast scan RCA used disc and scan recorders as a memory and it played back the same video several times until it got an updated picture. In other words the signal was recorded onto video one then converted to video two.

Movie film runs at 30 frames per second whereas video film runs at 60 frames per second. So in other words the footage that most people saw that they thought was 'live' wasn't and was actually 50% slower than the original footage!

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