Saturday, December 17, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Impossible Shadows Illuminate Lies

Never A Straight Answer (NASA) Boys Failed Proper Shadows 101

One of the biggest anomalies that appear on the Moon shots are the way in which shadows seem to be cast in totally different directions even when the objects making the shadows are a mere few feet apart? A classic example can be viewed by the picture. If the guy on the left was near a vertical rise of ground (as has been suggested) his shadow would show a definite 'crease' where the land begins to rise. It doesn't!

Question: How can an astronaut cast a shadow several feet taller than his colleague who is standing a few feet away from him?

Answer: He is standing farther away from the arc light that is illuminating them both.

I truly believe that this footage is taken on a film set, you cannot reproduce this strange shadow phenomenon with natural light, and that includes taking into consideration two natural light sources (the Earth and Sun) as many sceptics would have you believe.

FORGIVE ABSENCE OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE! It actually exists. Or, at least, it once did.


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