Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO COVERUP: AVRO Saucer Nothing More Than Planned Deception

Object Photographed During Canada Overfly Creates Sensation

In 1959 Jack Judges, a freelance cameraman, was flying over a company plant in Canada when he saw and photographed a picture of a disk shaped craft sitting on the ground. After the photograph was published in the newspapers, speculation grew that the disk was a secret weapon, and one that may have accounted for many of the unidentified flying object sightings during previous years.

United States Air Force Quick To Identify AVRO

In response to the speculation, the United States Air Force released an official photograph of the craft. It was called the AVRO and had first been launched in 1955. A Central intelligence Agency memo of that year confirmed that the craft was based work undertaken by German scientists, notably Miethe, during World War II.

AVRO Craft Faulty And Plagued By Malfunctions From Start

The design was later abandoned in the late 1960s with the Air Force maintaining it was still at an experimental stage when abandoned. The 1990s were to reveal the craft was part of the secret Project Silver Bug, a project to develop a craft that had Vertical Take Off and Landing capabilities that would dispense with the need for runways  and reduce the risks of such runways been targets of attack. Thus immobilizing any aircraft that may rely on it.

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