Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO COVERUP: Contactee Billy Meier Vindicated

NOTE: It sure feels wonderful when know it all a$$hole skeptics are proven to be full of shet! That has happened once again in the case of ridiculed ufo contactee Billy Meier who has been denounced as a hoaxster by skeptics since he went public with sincere but controversial ufo claims. I tip my cap to Michael Horn for setting the record straight. Thanks again Michael. The illuminating words appear below:

You are about to be presented with, and perhaps even confronted by, clear and incontrovertible proof that the UFO photo and film evidence in the Meier case is authentic, unfalsified and irreproducible with the technology known to have been available to Billy Meier at the time that he presented his 35mm photographic, 8mm film and other physical evidence.

It is also still irreproducible today, even with the best digital effects. Whether you are a sophisticated photographic and visual/special effects expert, or simply a layman, the use of common sense alone will be sufficient for you to understand the authenticity, and importance, of the evidence that you will see. And, as already suggested, an honest application of technological expertise will reveal, and result in, the same findings.

Skeptical Argument

The skeptical argument against Billy Meier's stunningly clear, "too good to be true", UFO photographs, films and video has been that Meier used model UFOs and also model, or miniature, trees to create his evidence. This was the original claim made by CFI-West/IIG, in 2001 when they accepted my challenge to duplicate just one of Meier's UFO photos and one of his films.

Naturally, that is a challenge they have never been able to meet.
Their claims that Meier used such models to create what they referred to as "an esily duplicated hoax" were presented by their current lead investigator, Derek Bartholomaus, in his carefully scripted presentation in the Special Features section of our film.

Subsequent to the release of the film, Mr. Bartholomaus was forced to retract his foundational claims regarding models, since he was completely unable (despite years of preparation) to produce any evidence for them, without so much as one photogrpah of a comparable model tree to support his assertions.

Further, his attempt to get Academy Award-winning Uncharted Territory to retract their statement regarding the virtual impossiblity that Meier used model UFOs was not only rebuffed, they clearly restated their same evaluation. So frustrated was Mr. Bartholomaus, when other examples of his incompetence and false claimes were revealed, that he then took to falsifying emails from me to try to distract from the implosion of his own demolished credibility.

Final Attempt

The last individual to try to debunk Meier's photographic evidence tried to duplicate the photos and film/video with small models, predictably unimpressive as they are. But at least he tried. In his final attempt debunking and duplicating Meier's evidence.

You'll notice that the last photo shows a man standing next to a tree, which we say is the same tree in Meier's photo. In Meier's photo the tree is barren-branched, since the photographs were taken as winter was ending, in 1976. I should also point out that the photo is one of 34 in the Hasenböl series, which also includes stunningly clear photos of the UFO in earlier daylight hours, several of which can be seen.

See For Yourself

So as to present the final proof referred to in the title above, we first present this photo of the Sunlight UFO (above) next to one of the barren-branched trees.

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