Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO COVERUP: Tragic Case Of Contactee Carroll Watts

Carroll Watts UFO Case Truly Intriguing One

Did Watts see what he said he saw? Was his confessed hoax actually a hoax in its own right? Was the contactee caught up in something over his head? All indications point to affirmative responses to all questions. The Texas cotton farmer knew nothing about UFOs. His initial thought upon obsrvance of strange craft were that they were government vehicles. Wrong!

Photographic Evidence Willfully Destroyed

A craft also appeared later. The Texan managed to snap sevenPolaroid photographs. Watts went to the wrong place when he contacted the University of Colorado which was involved in the UFO study (whitewash) headed by Edward Condom, uh, Condon. Condom and cronies misplaced (destroyed) the original Polaroid photos. Good old Condom actually advised Watts to remain quiet about his experiences. Some scientific study!

Publicity Results In Problems For Watts Family

When Watts went public he became a national sensation. With the celebrity came threats for him to remain silent. All conspiracies require silence. Plenty of it! The contactee was even invited to take a polygraph examination which he failed after a terrifying incident on his way to the test which included being menaced by a machine gun. Watts was ordered to flunk the polygraph examination. He understandably complied!

Watts Attacked In His Home

A vehicle like one associated with nefarious Men In Black motored past the Watts residence later. Shots were fired but no one was hurt. Watts, to his eternal credit, attempted to return fire but scored no hits with his carbine. The incident justifiably terrorized his wife. The shooting incident was reported to authorities. The reaction of his wife explains the next scenario!

Watts Concedes Entire Affair A Hoax

It was at this point that the contactee explained to everyone within listening distance that everything was a hoax. A person close to Watts claimed he was influenced by a mysterious stranger. Paranoia then apparently set in. Being paranoid does not mean that THEY are not actually out to get you!

Truly Sad Ending To Story

Watts ended his life as a broken man. He believed all his life that his problems stemmed from his UFO encounter. An apparently confused Watts wound up behind bars. He proclaimed that the incident cost him his wife, children, finances, freedom and health. Watts was involved in something he did not understand then went public. Ever wonder why there are so many silent contactees?


  1. A very interesting case, hoax or no! I'd like to know more about it. Can you tell me the name of the book where the photo of Watts seated comes from?

    1. The seated man is Dr.Condon not C.W.Watts . Condon was the perpetrator of the 1968 UFO whitewash aka "The Condon Report." Reputedly an accomplished and a bright Physicist at the Univ. of Colorado, Edward U. Condon was granted $500,000 , in 1960's dollars ,to do a "serious " study of UFO's. The serious , honorable and bright scientifically minded Dr. Condon was so intuitive and gifted , that he was able to reach the studies CONCLUSIONS years prior to assemblage of his studies scientific committee and their first day of their two year "endeavor!" According to the esteemed Dr. Condon's project co-ordinator Robert Low, the Condon Report's conclusion where a foregone conclusion from day one . Low noted in a memorandum dated 9 Aug.1966 ,"Our study would be conducted almost entirely of non-believers who though they could not possibly prove a negative result, could and probably would add a thick and impressive body of evidence that there is no reality to the body of observations. The TRICK , I believe , would be to describe the project to the public , so that it would APPEAR to be a totally objective study , but to the scientific community would present the image of a group of NON-BELIEVERS TRYING THEIR BEST TO BE OBJECTIVE ,but having an almost ZERO EXPECTATION OF FINDING A SAUCER." Capitalization of the overtly biased words done by myself. My only question is how the esteemed Dr. Condon spent the MILLIONS in todays dollars of US taxpayers money & whether or not he simply pocketed most of it or had to share it with his co-conspirators!