Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO COVERUP: France Landing Of 1954 Remains Mystery

A small being wearing a diving suit, with large head in comparison to the body, two enormous eyes, such is the description that Mr. Olivier gave Wednesday evening in Toulouse, of a mysterious character descended from a spherical machine which had been just landed at 07:30 P.M., on a vacant site.

Mr. Olivier, owner of Establishments Javel Neto, rue des Fontaines, in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano, and of a young boy aged about fifteen years. All three saw the luminous craft land, it had a spherical shape and a reddish color.

Then, they saw the character whose diving-suit according to the witnesses statement shone like glass, come towards them. Thereafter, Mr. Olivier drew the diving suit equipped being in an impressive manner, with chalk, on a door. "I did not believe in it, added Mr. Perano, but I saw it as I see you. That was quite a shock."

After a very short time, approximately a minute, the diver regained the luminous sphere which flew away vertically, without noise, and disappeared in the sky at an extraordinary speed leaving a trail of fire.

Because of the night, no observation could be done at the place where the machine is said to have landed.

Oily traces were noted Thursday morning in several place of a vacant site located in a suburb of Toulouse.

According to declarations of the three witnesses, the mysterious craft, piloted by a character wearing a diving suite had landed on this location yesterday at 07:35 P.M.

The Air Police Force interrogated these three people, among whom figure an industrialist, they maintained their statement, specifying that the mysterious individual measured approximately 1 m 20, exceeded the machine with his head and had, consequently, to bend to penetrate there.

One of the witnesses insisted that the saucer was surrounded by iridescent reflections and emitted a light fog around it. He added that having wanted to get closer, he had been retained at about 20 meters of it by a paralysing force and that, when the craft rose in the sky, he had been violently thrown to ground.

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