Saturday, November 26, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Transparency Filming Worse Than Laughable

Filming Of Earth Transparency Very Transparent

Did the astronots actually film a transparency of the Earth that was stuck to the window? You may think this odd, but a few minutes after filming the Earth, the cameraman adjusts his lens and focuses on Mike Collins inside the craft. What we see is what appears to be an exposure of the Earth taped to the window that is in the background to the right of him. That is the very same window that Aldrin was filming the Earth.

NASA Caught In More Outright Lies To All Citizens

But the biggest shock is yet to come! The camera pans left past Neil Armstrong towards the left hand side of the Apollo 11, and what do we see out of the left window??? We see what appears to be another Earth. It must also be noted that the Apollo 11 at this point of the mission was supposedly halfway to the Moon.

NASA Fabrication Exposed By Strict Time Frame

The time elapsed was 34 hours and 16 minutes, but from the view of Earth in the right hand window, we can say that in fact they were not in deep space at all, but still in low Earth orbit! Just look at the blue sky outside. That would also explain why they would be filming an exposure of the Earth that was far away, to give the impression that they were in deep space.

Better Hoax Expected With Funds NASA Has Pilfered For Decades

The exposure would be clipped to the window and the Sun's luminance would light it up, a technique that was used to read star charts to help with navigation and star reference.

FORGIVE ABSENCE OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE! It actually exists. Or, at least, it did!

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