Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Film Fakery Remains Totally Transparent

Never Address Serious Allegations (NASA) Forever Dishonest

During Apollo 12 one of the cameras suffered a malfunction after the lens had been pointed towards the sun. Although the viewing public was told at the time that the camera had burned out the lens is still working. The camera did not actually burn out at all.

Lenses Did Not Burn Out As Conspiracists Contended

The very same thing happened on Apollo 15 where the camera lens did not burn out. It is interesting to note that during the Apollo 16 mission, one of the astronots who was being told by Houston to adjust the camera asked if he should point the camera towards the sun?

Astronots Wondered About Aiming Cameras Toward Sun

Even though the manual from the camera specifically points out not to do this! You may be interested to see what the astronots say on this film while this camera fiasco was taking place.

PLEASE FORGIVE ABSENCE OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE! It does exist. Or, at least, it did.

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