Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Matte Backgrounds Laughable

Case Of Mysterious Ever Present Moon Mountains

One of the main anomalies that leads me to believe that the Moon footage was taken on a film set is the fact that the same mountains appear on different Apollo missions which are supposed to be landed several hundreds of miles from each other.

Mountains Must Have Moved Around For Astronots

In sequences you will even see the camera pan across the landscape that at one point includes the Lunar Landing Module. In another shot from the same mission, we see the very same mountains, but no Lander? How can this be when the mountains appear to be exactly the same distance away from the camera?

Laziness In Creating Fake Footage Visible For All To View

This film shows two different Apollo missions, which are supposed to be in different areas of the Moon, but show the exact same mountains in the background.

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