Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: War Criminal Heads USA Space Program

Propaganda Machinery Works Overtime To Totally Clean Nazi Image

Over the course of 20 years Werhner Braun received approximately 25 honorary degrees and he accepted many other awards and medals, presented to him from small cities, to Never Address Serious Allegations (NASA) and even President John Kennedy. His dossier was apparently rewritten so he did not appear an enthusiastic Nazi.

Braun Considered Good Old Guy By Brainwashed Americans

Braun attempted to play down his real Nazi involvement by claiming "In 1939 I was officially demanded to join the National Socialist Party. At this time I was already Technical Director at Peenem√ľnde. The technical work had attracted attention at higher and higher levels. Thus, my refusal to join the party would have meant that I would have to abandon the work of my life.

Mutilitation Of Truth Simple As Prisoner Mutiliation For Hard Core Nazi

"My membership in the party did not include any political activity." However, this Braun claim was simply untrue, for other scientists successfully used an old rule of the Weimar Republic that was still in use, forcing anyone in the military to abstain from political affiliation.

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