Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Some Reasons For All Lies

Why would NASA fake the Apollo Missions?

I think the main reason why the US Government and NASA faked the 'official record' is because they could not be seen to be the weak link, especially when you consider that during the 60's, the USA were at the height of the Cold War with Russia.

Why Turn Down Billions In Untracked Tax Dollars?

Also their own President had forecast that before the end of the 60's Man would be on the Moon. It would be better to try and fool the public and hoax the footage, rather than let their biggest rival in the World strike a huge moral victory by beating them to the Moon.

Smoke And Mirrors Keep Gullible Americans Hoodwinked

If man really went to the Moon, why did NASA drop the successful Saturn 5 launch rocket after the last Apollo mission? The shuttle weighs three fourths heavier than the Saturn 5 Rocket, puts only one sixth of cargo weight into orbit and costs three times as much to launch.

Shuttle Program Was Basically To Appease Baaing Sheep

The shuttle is basically a glider with no escape for the crew if things go wrong (as we all know they do). Why scrap a rocket that can outperform its newer model? The Shuttle was first flown two years behind schedule.

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