Friday, December 9, 2011

NASA DECEPTION: Plausible Deniability Government Tool

Bogus Space Program Completely Illogical

Let us try and put this all into perspective. Let us compare the Apollo coverup with the USSR launch of the dog called Laika into space. She was launched into space to see what the effects of Space travel would have on a live creature.

Laika Died Horrible Lingering Death In Cruel Experiment

It was publicly announced that Laika died painlessly when her oxygen supply ran out, but the truth was finally revealed many years later that the dog had in fact died when the front nose cone of the craft carrying her had been ripped off after reaching Earth orbit and that the dog probably died from the intense heat of the sun.

Dog Death Known Well In Advance By Planners

Further investigations revealed that the nose cone had actually been designed to do this. So, in fact, the makers of the rocket had known that the dog would die even before she was sent into space. This evidence took 30 years to be revealed to the general public.

Yuri Gagarin Exploits Nothing More Than Fabricated Myth

Also consider the recent revelation that Yuri Gagarin was not the first person to orbit Earth as first claimed by Russia.

Need To Know Compartments Perfect For Big Lie

Thousands of people were employed to work on the Apollo mission but very few people had access to the complete picture. By giving several people a small role in the missions meant that they would not see the whole project.

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