Thursday, November 24, 2011

UFO COVERUP:Carroll Watts Hoax Admission Only True Hoax

Carroll Watts Discloses Reason Behind False Hoax Confession

The nightmare began for Carroll Watts of Wellington, Texas near Waco on February 8, 1967. A series of bizarre unexplained UFO events led to a false hoax confession from the beleagured witness. Authorities fail to mention that the American citizen was beaten up, shot at, threatened, harassed, ridiculed and robbed of key physical evidence. The case rarely surfaces during UFO discussions due to the false hoax claim. Hoax claims in paranormal instances later prove to be the only true hoaxes. That is the truth in this instance.

Watts Bears His Soul About Untruthful Hoax Confession

Carroll Watts: "I had full intentions of trying to prove my story to be true before anything was released and had been working with the Associated Press for several days when United Press International heard of the case and butted in. UPI released a short rundown of the story that same night and as soon as the story hit the wires I received my first threat to forget about trying to prove it.

Family Protection Weighs Heavy In Decision To Falsely Admit Hoax

"Therefore, I decided to call in a hoax and forget the whole thing. There were several SERIOUS THREATS MADE to me and my family and I found out that I had stumbled on to something far more serious than I had expected."


Carroll Watts UFO Case Truly Intriguing One

Did Watts see what he said he saw? Was his confessed hoax actually a hoax in its own right? Was the contactee caught up in something over his head? All indications point to affirmative responses to all questions. The Texas cotton farmer knew nothing about UFOs. His initial thought upon obsrvance of strange craft were that they were government vehicles. Wrong!

Photographic Evidence Willfully Destroyed By Edward Condon

A craft also appeared later. The Texan managed to snap seven Polaroid photographs. Watts went to the wrong place when he contacted the University of Colorado which was involved in the UFO study (whitewash) headed by Edward Condom, uh, Condon. Condom and cronies misplaced (destroyed) the original Polaroid photos. Good old Condom actually advised Watts to remain quiet about his experiences. Some scientific study!

Publicity Results In Problems For Watts Family

When Watts went public he became a national sensation. With the celebrity came threats for him to remain silent. All conspiracies require silence. Plenty of it! The contactee was even invited to take a polygraph examination which he failed after a terrifying incident on his way to the test which included being menaced by a machine gun. Watts was ordered to flunk the polygraph examination. He understandably complied!

Watts Attacked In His Home

A vehicle like one associated with nefarious Men In Black motored past the Watts residence later. Shots were fired but no one was hurt. Watts, to his eternal credit, attempted to return fire but scored no hits with his carbine. The incident justifiably terrorized his wife. The shooting incident was reported to authorities. The reaction of his wife explains the next scenario!

Beseiged Watts Concedes Entire Affair A Hoax

It was at this point that the contactee explained to everyone within listening distance that everything was a hoax. A person close to Watts claimed he was influenced by a mysterious stranger. Paranoia then apparently set in. Being paranoid does not mean that THEY are not actually out to get you!

Truly Sad Ending To Story

Watts ended his life as a broken man. He believed all his life that his problems stemmed from his UFO encounter. An apparently confused Watts wound up behind bars. He proclaimed that the incident cost him his wife, children, finances, freedom and health. Watts was involved in something he did not understand then went public. Ever wonder why there are so many silent contactees?

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