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UFO COVERUP:Moreno Ranch Case Details Almost Gone

Superior 1963 UFO Incident Has Virtually Disappeared

An apparent UFO assault of historical significance took place at 9:30 am on October 21, 1963 at a ranch in Cordoba, Argentina. I saw photographs of actual case participants in UFO publications of the 1960s. Since I have sold off my earliest UFO magazines from my personal collection I have been unable to relocate those articles or photographs. I do remember that the incident caused a major stir in the UFO community when it initially occurred. Accounts of the case on the worldwide web simply do not presently exist!

Internet Mention Of Case Points To Single Publication  

The Moreno UFO incident is recorded via the internet in Flying Saucer Reader by Jay David which was published in 1967. That is highlighted in the following edited version of contents...The chase in Rapid City, South Dakota / Edward J. Ruppelt. – Ufos in the deep freeze / Brad Steiger. – Terror at the Moreno Ranch / Brad Steiger. – Ufos and the sonic boom / W. Gordon Allen. – Visitor from Venus / George Adamski. – Contact by automatic reading / George Hunt Williamson...That is it as far as my internet search.

Another Source Of Information From Unusual Area

In addition to the Brad Steiger account I also located Terror At Moreno Ranch which was published in UFO Encounters published in 1978 by Golden Press of the Western Publications Company.The account originally appeared in the truth based comic book series under the Gold Key/Whitman imprints which presented factual UFO incidents in an illustrated format. I highly recommend these comic books to UFO novices and experts alike. All of the classic cases are listed plus a few which slipped through the cracks.

Classic Encounter Begins When Peaceful Sleep Interrupted

Antonio Moreno and his wife Teresa were awaken at 9:30 am by a frightened ranch hand who was visibly shaken over unusual happenings at the nearby railroad tracks. When Moreno looked he saw a brilliant light floating above a number of men who seemed to be inspecting the tracks. The Moreno Ranch is near Tranca in the Cordoba Province. The wife of Moreno was determined to walk the half mile down to the tracks to see what all the commotion was about. Moreno knew it was pointless to attempt to dissuade her once her mind was made up.

Disc Shaped Object Puts Stop To Intended Inspection

A disc shaped object 25 feet in diameter swooped down on the terrified woman just outside the ranch house. Her screams woke the household as she raced back inside. All of the household members plus ranch hands watched as the glowing disc directed a beam of light at the house as it hovered at treetop level. The light beam struck the woman plus moved over the body of one of the children. Moreno was shocked as four other discs joined the one at treetop level. One other disc began firing light beams as the three other discs hovered 210 feet away.

All Efforts Were Made To Avoid Light Beams

Those inside avoided windows and attempted to hide behind furniture to avoid the light. One of the discs then projected a red-violet beam which caused the house to heat up like an oven. Household members who refused to exit the structure for fear of their lives were forced to endure suffocating temperatures for 40 minutes. The men in silvery suits at the tracks then boarded discs at which point the light beam attack ended. Discs clearly visible to all within the home began to move away. It was at this point that silent watchdogs finally made some noise.

Mist Which Smelled Like Sulpher Hung Over Trees

Witnesses said a thick mist like smoke which had a smell of sulpher remained near the trees for several minutes after the discs had departed. Visitors could smell the sulpher in the house days after the incident. Newspaper accounts were published in Tibuna Da Imprensa and La Nacion. This is important to counter untruthful allegations that the entire event was made up. As I said, I distinctly remember seeing photographs of the case participants. Heat attacks by UFOs are not uncommon especially outside the United States.

Independent Eyewitness Spots Six UFOs

A man who resides a mile from the Morenos said he witnessed six UFOs traveling in formation at 10:20 pm. He discussed the sighting with family and friends prior to the Moreno event becoming public. A Brazil truck driver had brush with UFO light beams two days before Morenos. Beams which forced rig into ditch came from disc 25 feet in diameter. Four revolver rounds fired at the UFO by the terrified witness understandably had no effect whatsoever. Never a wise idea to fire weapons at nearby UFOs. They may decide to retaliate!

Terrible Physical Injuries Serve As Undeniable Proof

Eugenio Douglas ran until he located a police station. The hysterical man was covered in welt like burns which were deemed strange and out of ordinary by medical professionals. A doctor who examined the man could offer no explanation for possible cause of injuries. Heat injuries related to UFOs are not uncommon worldwide but seem to occur more frequently in South America. One notable exception comes to us from Canada where a solitary witness sustained chest burns after approaching qand touching a landed UFO. Never touch landed UFOS!

Silence Group Must Love Case Disappearance

Did this UFO incident occur? Yes. Has it been explained? No. Ridiculed? Yes. The Silence Group earned a stalemate on this historical incident. Multiple witnesses. Physical evidence. Newspaper publications. Remnants days after encounter. Corrobating witnesses. Yet it has sunk like a stone into the ocean. Perhaps many believe the ie that a writer with an overactive imagination made whole hing up? Did he make up photos of ranch and participants too? No! This case remains one of strongest in UFO literature that no one is aware of! More is the pity!

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