Thursday, November 24, 2011

UFO COVERUP:Mississippi Entity Photographed In Alabama

Mississippi To Alabama Outer Space Style

Were the entities which examined Charles Hickson and Calvin Patker in Pascagoula, Mississippi photographed less than a week later by Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw in Falkville, Alabama? The possibility certainly warrants intense investigation.

Fishermen Reeled In By Outer Space Entities

October 11, 1973 is a date Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker will never forget. The anglers were on a Pascagoula Bay pier when a UFO appeared. The two men were floated aboard the craft where they underwent unsettling physical examinations. The incident remains unexplained.

Police Chief Photographs Entity

October 17, 1973 is a date Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw will never forget. He responded to a call at 10:15 p.m. which led to a bizarre encounter. Greenhaw was startled when a shiny something appeared in his car headlights. The lawman managed to snap four photos of the entity with his Polaroid camera. Greenhaw was unable to track down whatever it was. The incident remains unexplained.

Entities Apparently Remarkably Similiar

Were UFOnauts on a tour of the South in 1973? That certainly seems to be the case. The Mississippi examination occurred less than a week prior to the Alabama incident. The entities have enough similiar features for a closer investigation. Robot-like and stiff were how they were described by the three witnesses. Greenhaw saw one entity. Hickson and Parker saw three. Maybe the others waited in craft during Alabama stopover.

Photos Of Man In Fire Suit?

Did Greenhaw snap pictures of a man in a shiny silver fire suit? That is the common belief. One which I find extremely difficult to believe. The entity outpaced the police car. Certainly difficult for any human being to accomplish. Especially one burdened down by a bulky heavy shiny fire suit. Why did entity allow pictures to be taken? I theorize that entity had no fear of Greenhaw whatsoever.

Images Leave Haunting Impression

When one carefully examines the Greenhaw photos and the sketch of the Pascagoula entity an alarm bell goes off. They are just too damn similiar! Hands by sides, cone-type heads, apparently similiar hands (claws?) and other-worldly appearances perhaps due to shiny or elephant-like outer covering. Skeptics have tried unsuccessfully to prove hoaxes in both cases. Both incidents remain unexplained decades after they occurred.

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