Thursday, November 24, 2011

UFO COVERUP:George Adamski Earns Fireflies Redemption

Never Address Serious Allegations (NASA) Confirmed Space Fireflies

The United States spacecraft which carried astronaut John Glenn moved across Australia and across the Pacific to Canton Island. Glenn experienced a short 45 minute night and prepared the periscope for viewing his first sunrise in orbit. As the sun rose over Canton Island, he saw thousands of little specks, brilliant specks, floating around outside the capsule. As Friendship 7 moved into brighter sunlight, the fireflies disappeared. They were later believed to be small ice crystals venting from onboard spacecraft systems.

George Adamski Was Already Aware Of Fireflies Phenomena

UFO Contactee George Adamski reported seeing billions and billions of fireflies flickering everywhere. This fireflies sighting occurred when he visited the dark side of the moon on one of the Venusian craft. The fireflies phenomena was apparently verified eight years later when Glenn returned from a space flight reporting the very samefireflies. NASA, in its hurridness to grasp at any explanation regardless of how implausible, trotted out the tiresome ice crystals venting from onboard spacecraft systems excuse.

Adamski Did Not Even Attempt Transparent Excuses For Phenomena

The UFO contactee merely related what he witnessed when it came to the fireflies phenomena. Adamski did not insult the intelligence of anyone by stating that the fireflies resulted from ice crystals venting from onboard the Venusian spacecraft systems. There is no way the contactee could have known about the phenomena without having traveled high enough to view the fireflies. NASA verified what Adamski already knew. Orthon took Adamski up for far less than American taxpayers shelled out to put Glenn in orbit.

Arrogant Astronot Snide When Making Remarks About Fireflies

Glenn was asked about the mysterious cosmic fireflies he had seen outside his capsule each dawn. The astronaut amused the audience by telling them some of the odd theories he had received by mail. Someone asked him if he now believed in UFOs. “Yes, if you call them small,” Glenn replied hopefully with a straight face. The NASA stooge then added that he had never seen an unidentified flying object. When someone in the audience offered to show him a photo of a genuine UFO Glenn virtually laughed them off with a some other time recommendation.

Fireflies Phenomena Advance Notice Hard To Ridicule Or Shrug Off

While Glenn was following the official NASA party line he made no attempt to rationalize how Adamski, an individual he no doubt personally regards as a fraud and hoaxer, could possibly have known about the fireflies phenomena while remaining earthbound. It should be emphasized that this phenomena is only visible well above the Earth atmosphere. There is no way Adamski could have guessed that the space fireflies existed. His telescope was not a magical one which could mysteriously bring them into a field of focus.

Perhaps Orthon Did Take Adamski Into Outer Space

Did Adamski observe the fireflies phonema first hand? Up close and personal? Was his account simply a truthful narrative which happened to include something which could not be verified until man soared above the Earth atmosphere? Are space fireflies more than NASA contends they are? I personally do not believe a damn word NASA says or has ever said. Blatant inconsistenties prove beyond a doubt, to my personal satisfaction, that the moon remains virgin territory. Unless, of course, Adamski visited there with Orthon.

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