Thursday, November 24, 2011

UFO COVERUP:Contactee George Adamski & Venusian Orthon

Desert Encounter Never Adequately Debunked By Skeptics

One night George Adamski went out into the night near Desert Center, California for a rendevous with history. Witnesses who were present for the event signed legal documents to attest to truthfulness of the occurance. A United States military pilot who spied unidentified craft (mother ship, scout ship?) filed an official report to his authorities. The signed legal documents remain but the military records which would support Adamaki have probably been long since destroyed. Standard operating procedure for Silence Group!

November 20, 1952 Is A Day Which Will Live In Memory Of All

Adamski physically met with man from outer space on November 20, 1952 as witnesses looked on. Plaster casts and photographs are vivid reminders of the historic event. The respected contacee received his first revelatory encounter with Orthon who claimed to be a space brother from the planet Venus. The conversation was not in English or Venusian. Adamski could not comprehend one while Orthon could apparently not fully understand the other. Language barriers so detrimental on Earth are no diferent in outer space!

Telepathy Enables Exhange Of Men From Different Planets

The language barrier was partially overcome through the utilization of telepathic transfer and sign language. Adamski learned that the space traveler was benign and greatly concerned with the spiritual growth of humankind. The amazing desert encounter with the Venusian and the original Day Earth Stood Still with Michael Rennie as space visitor (Orthon?), with its warning that Earth had better clean up its act delivered by an alien messenger, were probably the two most contributive factors in the beginnings of the contactee movement.

Photographs In Adamski Book Remain Controversial

Adamski published his first book with phenomenal photographs which he co-authored with Desmond Leslie. The contactee became popular as a lecturer and had little difficulty establishing himself as the best known of all the contactees. Many unidentified flying object contactees sprang up throughout the world. Flying saucer mania was rampant in the early 1950s with a cautious public wanting to know who was piloting the mysterious craft in the sky, where they were from and what they looked like.

Adamski Answers Questions World Wanted Responses To

The outer space ambassaor had the answers! Orthon of Venus was smooth skinned, beardless, possessed with shoulder length blond hair, stood about five feet six inches tall and wore what appeared to be some kind of jumpsuit apparel. The Venusian had come in peace. He was eager to warn earth people about radiation from the nuclear tests that were being conducted. There were universal laws and principles established by the Creator. Orthon cautioned that the people of Earth would do well to begin to practice those laws at once.

Adamski Told To Relay Orthon Messages To Populance

All these messages were transmitted telepathically to Adamski to relay to his fellow earthlings. Later, after Adamski had been taken for a trip into outer space, the contacee was able to communicate verbally with such other interplanetary entities. The character of Michael Rennie in original black and white Day Earth Stood Still was right on in regard to Orthon with the exception of hair. The actor sported more customary short cropped locks in the popular science fiction adventure.