Thursday, November 24, 2011

UFO COVERUP:George Adamski Plus Other UFO Contactees

Unidentified Flying Object Contactees Emerge In 1950s

Something definitely strange was going on in regard to UFO contactees in the 1950s. That is fact not conjecture. Five major contactees stepped to the forefront during this time.

Granddaddy Of All Contactees George Adamski

The California contactee conversed with an outer space visitor on November 20, 1952 at Desert Center, California. The historic encounter was witnessed by others who signed legal documents to attest the occurance. Plaster prints of space visitor footprints were made. Strange hieroglyphics remain undeciphered. The contactee authored two books. Adamski bolstered his claims with photographic evidence which has never been debunked.

Spacemen Contact Yet Another In California

Next in the contactee line was Truman Bethurum who was a mechanic laying asphalt in the California desert when his 1954 meeting with outer space visitors took place. The captain of the flying saucer was a woman. The point of origin, unlike Venus for the Adamski encounter, was a planet called Clarion. The contactee wrote a book about his experience. Proof consisted of a written note in French translated into English and Chinese by the female flying saucer captain. No photographic evidence has ever surfaced.

Space Folks Initiate First Non-California Contact

During the same magical year of 1954 Daniel Fry was also enlightened by space visitors. This historic exchange took place at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico. The contactee was whisked to New York, New York then back. This flying saucer junket lasted half an hour. Fry wrote a book which was also well received by all truth seekers. No photographic evidence has ever surfaced. I vaguely remember a UFO photo I saw somewhere being credited to Fry. Oh well.

Another Mechanic Favored By UFO Pilots

Aircraft corporation mechanic Orfeo Angelucci of California (apparently state of choice for flying saucer occupants) interacted with space visitors in 1955. The contactee stepped forward when a craft landed in a field in Los Angeles, California. Angelucci said he met Jesus Christ. The contactee professed to have rode in flying saucers. The historic happenings are preserved in a book. No evidence (photographic or other) has ever surfaced.

New Jersey Sign Painter Gets Next Contactee Call

Contactee Howard Menger burst upon in scene in 1959 although he claimed his contacts with outer space visitors were initially initiated when he was a child. The contactee was playing in the woods when he encountered a woman from outer space. He was told the visitors originated from Mars and Venus. An overflight of the moon revealed many wonderous things such as buildings and breathable oxygen. Menger actually recorded outer space music on a commercially available record album. Good luck locating a copy! He authored a book. This contactee provided an abundance of truly baffling photographic evidence.

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